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  1. IncenseAndIron

    bisexual-furs - My new FurAffinity Group!

    Hello, friends! I'm a bit new in comparison to others to FurAffinity (I have had multiple accounts in the span of... probably 3 years? But my activity on here has been on-and-off), so this might be an odd post for me to make. But, after seeing groups around on FA, I decided I wanted to make my...
  2. Renyard2001

    I'm bored, ask me anything - Reynard edition

    I'm bored as a derelict car sitting in a garage so if you have anything to ask, and I mean anything, feel free to post below. This does mean NSFW is allowed
  3. AzureKiteUsagi

    Request: NSFW

    Is anyone interested in drawing some NSFW art for my bun, Azure? www.furaffinity.net: Bun With Floof by AzureKiteUsagi Looking for inspiration and would like to see other renditions of her. She is bisexual, but leans heavily towards women. She's a sub/bottom and likes to be tied up, if that's...
  4. R

    Looking for a sweet loving Macro Dominant

    Hi there I'm a sub femboy and I'm looking for a dominant (+18 for possible NSFW) who would be willing to RP as my Macro dominant in a romance setting. if you are interested please let me know.

    Male Lizard Seeks 18+ Roleplay!

    With a catchy title like that, how can you resist?! I'm a 22 year old lizard-person, bisexual, male but strongly on the feminine side. The kind of roleplay I'm seeking isn't specific, but I'd love to include elements of species recognition - meaning that species and biological differences are...
  6. C

    I want to try a Tsundere RP!

    So, this is something i havent really tried. as i write this i dont have much else to go on than your character being Tsundere. (definition i found on urban dictionary, for those who dont know it "being on the surface sharp and sarcastic but underneath lovestruck and fawning") i will think of...
  7. C


    (text below was copied from my F-list, so if it looks a bit messed up. html stuff, yknow? i apologize hehe ) I am "Smokey" 25 years old. i have recently gotten out of an employment contract and i am now advertizing myself to find new employment. i am now willing to accept mercenary work aswell...
  8. C

    wanting to do a"roman meets tribe" type roleplay

    So ive been having an idea for a roleplay where my charater is a "Roman" type soldier character who, flees through a forest or such, bleeding, hurt, and ends up finding refuge amongst a tribe of people who takes him in. so your character would be one of these tribesmen/tribeswomen. our...
  9. F

    Cocoa's first full length novel is out.

    Hey folks, the Irish furs said that you like to know when Furry authors put out novels, so here you go. Warning: The novel is very NSFW with M/M, M/F, M/M/F, and F/F/M scenes. Copy pasting: --- Splice: Conditioning by Cocoa A dystopian sci-fi erotic novel. In a world where the coastlines...
  10. NekoSuperiority

    Looking for Love (0/////0)

    Hiya! I'm a young Male cat looking for love. I am a Top, and pretty alpha. I'm looking for a Femboy or M2F companion. I am very loving and accepting, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. (^w^)/