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  1. Fennec_Wolfox

    $25 Line art Commissions!

    Hi there! Wox here~ I wanna make a bit of extra cash and get some practice and you, presumably, want to get some cool art. Let's make a deal~ These are single character pieces, no backgrounds (or simple/abstract backgrounds). More complicated characters may warrent additional cost. I will do...
  2. J

    Low Price Commissions [[OPEN]]

    Prices starting from $5 USD 3 Slots Open OC or Fan/Friend art welcome! Any Species or Gender Nudity ok but no NSFW or Mechs (For now) Paypal or Cashapp +half price for every extra character Contact on here, my regular FA (same username) or icantandiwont3@gmail.com Examples and pricing below...
  3. drawain

    TRADITIONAL // 15€ sketch // color & bw

    Heyho, I'm falling in love with traditional mixed media and I would like to offer one of these here: Slots: 1. Shipping inclusive. Payment upfront via PAYPAL. I have semester break and am making up the lost time from living apart from bf/family/friends. But I'll be finished with your...