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  1. sunny_abyss

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Animated Neon Dragon Adoptable - OPEN

    Paypal only! ~ SB: $20 MI: $2 AB: $50 - for AB I can change a design for a bit if requested ~ After payment you will get : 1) Full rights to the design 2) GIF file without watermark (animation) in a better quality 3) PNG file without animation and watermark in a better quality. Can be...
  2. vystarlit

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Moonbeym Adopt Auction

    SB: $15.00 MI: $2.00 Bid Here
  3. BadKittyBits

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 80s Big Hair Dont Care Anubis - NSFW Adopt

    80s Big Hair Dont Care Anubis $55 USD or offers Uncensored Image
  4. Michel96M

    Random male portrait

    My gallery: Artwork Gallery for DiazTony -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ^^
  5. H

    Hiring: (Closed) More art of my OCs/maybe a reference sheet from $20-$150.

    Hey everyone! Hoodman87 here. I'm looking to commission more art of my OCs as shown on my profile page: Userpage of Hoodman87 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net NSFW characters and art. Check the gallery for what type of styles I like. Here are the details of the OCs: Mistress Malice - A Black Large...
  6. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Feline!!

    I just have a simple request ^^ Valeria Amethyst Moon is a tall, somewhat busty feline of a very deep grey, almost black, color, with a light purple crescent moon marking on her shoulders, a lighter underbelly highlighted by a light purple outline. She has light purple eyes, along with a grey...
  7. Valitanez

    Canine Suit for Sale!

    FurBuy - View Auction #1100134 Looking to sell my suit! Check it out. If no bids placed, I can stop the auction and sell directly to you! Looking for around 1k, depending on shipping and if you want any changes. Thanks for stopping by!
  8. 1992Bronco

    $8 Characters!

    I have permission to everything listed, including their art My girlfriend and I are getting a puppy and we want to get her a few toys! Both are $8 Knox: (c) Collide Comes with a headshot and pose both (c)Collide permission granted for everything Meph: art (c) juicebox received from Deku...
  9. F


    Ok so I'm sorry if this belongs somewhere else but since this bit of the forum discusses fursonas, maybe it can discuss characters? Idk? So my first ever character has a name. He is a red dragoncat with some patterning which.... I still haven't drawn him well enough to share yet. You will...
  10. Bandera

    Icon request

    Hi! I was wondering if someone could draw icon for me? You can do mostly what ever you want. I don't have a fursona yet. Things I want Animal Wolf Gender Male Colour of fur Red, black and white Colour of eyes Blue Thanks! :)
  11. BraeCipriano

    Toony B/W Siberian Husky Head and Tail Set!

    FurBuy - View Auction #1083587 This adorable fluffy black and white husky head and tail set is up for auction! Plastic mesh eyes and a movable spring-activated jaw allow for great ventilation and good vision! This partial has only been worn twice by the maker and is now looking for a new home...
  12. dojero

    LF Black Market Rules/Guide

    So I'm thinking of posting a Commission Sales thread but would like to read the Black Market Rules/Guide first. Buuuut I can't seem to find it! I must be blind... Could someone be kind enough to link it to me here? Thanks in advance!