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  1. 1

    Main Site >log into FA

    >be greeted with the lovely sight of a diaper fur being [REDACTED] through his soiled garment Blacklisting feature coming any second now...
  2. T

    Main Site Universal Blacklist?

    When I'm browsing, I often have to type the same things, @keyword and the !(bad stuff). Could there be a 'universal blacklist' on your Preferences that, once you enter in these 'blacklisted' tags, automatically removes them from your search results?
  3. E

    Can I try

    To somebody with power: Blacklisting has been a request for 8 years. Still not implemented. May *I* try to implement it? Almost anything would be an improvement over the current lack-of-a-function. (Qualifications: been a programmer for 10-20 years; done full-stack development for a fair chunk...
  4. J

    Block artist's art

    I saw a picture I dont like. I want to block the artist so im not annoyed by their submissions. Im having a hard time finding a setting to block the art. Blocking the artist user doesnt block the art. I need help blacklisting the art.
  5. Inkblooded

    Filter/BLACKLIST tags

    Please let us have a blacklist. I have nothing against NSFW art and I am fine with seeing it (so no, "turn on SFW mode" is not the answer) but I do not like the kind of extreme and specific NSFW that's popular on FurAffinity. It seems like with every refresh there are at least 5 submissions...