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  1. rexrush17

    3D artist just joined the forum

    Hey guys, this is Rex Rush. I'm new here and want to say hello. I am a 3D artist and when i find free time between work, i craft little scenes pretty much about anything. I wanted to show you my latest selfie and ask to you: is this the right place to post this? and also, please tell me if you...
  2. Kerosinner

    Desperately need feedback or advice about my 3d models

    Since once I spend my free time drawing furry models in Blender and it bothers me. I`m extremely embarrassed to show this stuff to anybody as it is NSFW and quite low on quality. But without a propper feedback I feel that I make no progress and other artists` models have just unreachable level...
  3. Captain Starbark

    My 3Dmodel OC: Hayami (Furry/Human fox girl)

    Hayami, She's a foxy priestess living in a temple located in a foggy forest. She's also a hermit living in her peaceful world, leads a carefree life without bothers from the outside world. Until one day an occurrence shattered her quiet routine. spacial perk: She can switch her form. (I have...
  4. Captain Starbark

    3D model of My OC: Komi (FurryCatGirl)

    Ahoy, I'm Captain Starbark. I'm a 3D generalist who likes to create OC characters. feel free to tell me if they match your test, or advice for improvement. Komi Her appearance design is base on a rare leopard cat. Big eyes, blond hair & eyebrow, long teeth, and full of fur. character setting...
  5. I

    Hiring: NSFW 3D Artist to create Unity-rigged 3D Model ($200+)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to commission someone capable of turning my human OC into a fully-rigged 3D model for personal use in Unity game engine. As a list, here's what I'm looking to get done; - real-life proportions, ideally not anime-like - colored & textured - rigged for IK (I intend to...
  6. Ember_Kamura

    Ember's 3D model thread!

    Ah! Hello everyone! I'll be uploading a model for my game, Project Southpaw. This is merely a model of one of the enemies that the player will encounter in the game, though I can also say that it probably qualifies as a form of 3D model art. I know that the model is indeed missing it's arms...
  7. Kagebi

    Sketchbook: 3D rendering progress. From start to X.

    A little less than a week ago, I submitted this monstrosity of a claymation looking thing. After a couple days dedicated to figuring some of the software out, here is where I am at today. I still have some obvious flaws, but pretty proud of how far I have come so far.
  8. Kagebi

    3D Bust of WIP character.

    Hope you guys like it so far. Will be posting further progress here: Userpage of Arkay3D -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  9. O

    Hiring: NSFW 3D ARTIST FOR SFM OR BLENDER MODEL (100-300 USD Budget)

    I am in need of an modeler/3D Artist who is open to creating a fully rigged 3D Model of an OC I have. Requirements for model: - Need 3D model with textures packed. - IK Rig - Needed to be done ASAP. (Around 2-3 weeks) If the listed price seems unreasonable for the work at hand I am willing to...
  10. Yacare

    Free Art: I want to practice my 3D modeling skills with some of your OCs!

    As mentioned in the title, I'm in the process of learning 3D modeling on blender, and I thought it might be fun to practice with some characters of the community! They will be low poly, and when I finish them, I'll upload a turnaround animation in this thread. I may also use the results to post...
  11. KawaiiPeachcup

    3D Artist Friends!

    Heya, I'm looking for more 3D artist friends that want to chat and share sculpting tips <3 I work in Blender and Zbrush https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kawaiipeachcup/
  12. Joey Nigro

    Anthro Blender Models

    Can you add anthro Blender models with neither nipples nor genitalia who wear only optional things. The optional things are shoes, socks, and accessories. Don't forget to allow these models for people under 18, even if the girls have boobs with no nipples at all.
  13. diedcute

    ♡ 3D Fursona Commissions ♡

    Hi there! Im here to make animal-crossing-esque type models. Each model takes me about a day and a half, possibly two if I have a lot going on. I can be contacted on Discord easily, but if you dont, I can also be noted on Furaffinity ! If you have a high reputation of commissioning people on...
  14. R

    [NSFW] 3d raptor character help

    Hello, I hope this forum is okay to ask for tutorials or critiques for 3d artwork! I'm working on character models for an all reptile/amphibian dating sim. I'm fairly decent at 3d modeling, been using Blender for about 3 and a half years now. But hard surface/environments were my focus, the last...
  15. R

    Anyone know any anthro pokemon references that can be used for 3D modelling?

    I'm not exactly sure if this is where this fits in, but I'm too lazy to find out for sure right now, anyway, does anyone know of anywhere I can get some free references for modelling pokemon, feral or anthro, specifically dragonite or flygon? I'm wanting to model both in blender and I would very...
  16. JesterKatz

    Some of My CGI Art

    Yep, I'm gonna jump onto the "look at me!" band wagon to show off my (SFW) art. From older submissions to recent:
  17. Z

    Blender and Source Filmmaker help

    Anyone know a good tutorial for Blender and Source Filmmaker, I really want to learn how to use them. Would really appreciate any help
  18. sleepybears

    $15-25 3D character commissions

    Hello and thank you for looking! Will do: -Most species -humans and characters interacting (would cost extra of course) Can't do: -NSFW, sorry! I'm a minor and that would be illegal. -Mechanical (like transformers or cars) --------- I'll take up to 3 slots for now!
  19. Z01Y0NYA

    Any blender 3D Artists/Genuises/Masters out there????

    So for MONTHS I have been trying to accomplish this one simple method in blender that I cant seem to solve.... Would ANYONE know how to do this? Or atleast know where the addon for this is located? And if you understand what im trying to do... would there be any alternatives??? I tried...