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  1. D

    Blep or Mlem?

    Silly I know, but it is crucial to this fandom in a much deeper sense. Participate in this poll to help me with my research paper. Also, post pictures of bleps and mlems to keep things relevant.
  2. X

    WIP Lizard thingumajig...

    This is a WIP first picture of a character I'm creating. He's supposed to be a crested gecko and he is Smudge the Leopard gecko's boyfriend of sorts. He likes to walk on the walls. :P
  3. X

    Smudge Gecko

    Name: Smudge Gender: female Species: Leopard gecko hybrid She was a highschool science experiment in cross-breeding different species of gecko. (Possibly with crested or Tokay geckos.) She escaped the lab but was captured by a twelve year old girl and now lives a cushy life as a pet in a little...
  4. X

    Weird bleppy lizard 'sona stuff.

    I rarely ever draw, but I made this little derpy thing. She's some kind of leopard gecko hybrid. I might develop her a bit, and maybe even give her a backstory. I call her Smudge. Yes, I know she looks like her neck is broken. :D
  5. crystallinecanine

    It's going to be my first time...Teach me how?

    Once I finish my fursuit, I'm taking him to the Phoenix ComiCon. The problem is... I have no idea how to act in a fursuit! I want to be able to stay in character even when I'm not posing or anything! Also, any tips for a "cherry" fursuiter would be very very helpful! Much thanks in advance...