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  1. Mirage

    Boys love comics

    Hi guys, I'll be sincerely. I'm a new user and I'd like to know some people and maybe have some cool feedbacks of my art. I'm working on a story specially for FA, and I'd appreciate if you guys give me a hand here. If you like my art and get interested, could you make a visit on my page and...
  2. Mirage

    Started a BL Comic

    Division Zero hey guys, I'm starting a mini serie of comic strips telling the story of Elih, a pacifist boy who was oblied to enroll the magic army. Where he met a man called Vax, known by everyone as "The Deadly admiral". Vax is a psychopath who entered the army when a young man, to be able to...
  3. oven

    ♦ all-genre lgbtq+ roleplay forum invite ♦

    Peppersoap Comics is launching a barebones roleplay forum for active long-term roleplayers; original and fan characters, multi genre, lgbtq+ inclusive. AND YOU ARE INVITED. Because. We actually need users to like... be. Board and subforums still under construction, but if you and your...