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block system

  1. FurryGuardian816

    Court System

    I'd love to have this in place, because I'm tired of people abusing the block system. Blocking should be for more serious matters, like harassment and death threats, not for small things like unauthorized art submissions. I see way too many people abuse the system this way. One infraction of...
  2. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Forum Still seeing when a user who has me blocked posts.

    A few users have me blocked for one reason or another, and when they post in a thread I'm seeing the fact they posted show up on my end. I can't see the post, but it is appearing with the top bar for their post. After I've viewed the thread, it goes away. Not a huge issue for me, but a little...
  3. luffy

    Guidelines: Clarification Regarding the Block System & Protocol

    Please note that this thread pertains only to the forum, and that the main site is not affected by this. There has been some confusion about our block system's functionality, our protocol when it comes to handling these issues, and how the rules are laid out for the forum. This thread's...