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  1. Mnedei

    New Main Fursona : Nemno!

    If Something Is Not Clear, Please Comment! Name: Nemno Jojape (Neh-Min-Oh / (Ho-Jah-Pé) Age: Young Adult ( In Young 20's) Gender: Female; She/Her Species: Bob Cat/Herb Dragon*. An Herb Dragon, (I made up.) Is a type of dragon whom can not be poisoned or sick. Can eat any herb and they normally...
  2. Otterbird

    Otterbird's Adoptable Character Refs

    Pre-made characters that need a new home! Looking for a new RP character? Want a character for personal story or literature? Consider one of mine, of a new line I'm starting up! I can also manage commissions of pre-existing characters; you need only contact me here, or on Bosheit within Fur...
  3. vivriptide

    Hey! I'm new!

    Hello!! I am Vivienne Riptide, but you can call me Viv. I am a Bobcat who loves bamboo. I've been in the fandom for 5? Years now. I am saving for a fursuit head!