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body inflation roleplay thread

  1. S

    Looking for an inflation rp partner!

    Hi! I usually use Discord, icq and/or Telegram for roleplay, so if you use either of those and would like to have some fun, contact me! DISCORD: snowy-gliss#0711 ICQ: snowygliss TELEGRAM: @snowygliss
  2. DatArtistNuma

    Piggy Numa's Furry Inflation Funhouse (13+ RP)

    Welcome to Piggy Numa's Furry Inflation FunHouse. I am DatArtistNuma, aka Piggy Numa, and I'm the main host. This place is where inflation fans come to talk to one another and blow each other up, no questions asked. Rules: 1. Please behave. No threats, rude comments, or anything else like...