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  1. Sappho

    Taur, Naga, Mer?

    Real simple. If you had to become one of these three for a couple days, which do you think you'd be most comfortable with being? Taur- anthro torso on a feral body (like yours truly) Naga- anthro torso on snake tail Mer- mermaid or merman. Asking out of curiosity and boredom
  2. KeesNailo

    Digital Comms Open $10-$40

    I will respond within 24 hours. Have all of your details, descriptions, references and PayPal email readily available. Payment in full and up front through PayPal. USD only. I will send you an invoice. No refunds (half or in full) unless I am definitely unable to finish. Minimal clothing...
  3. K

    Fur suit bodying

    This will be my first experience in making my own fur suit and am gathering all the information that I could get before I start on this project. My question for a body, can you use a "Onesie" as the main body and just add the rest like the fur and stuff onto it or is the fabric of the Onesie...
  4. U

    Merging/body/muscle growth rp m or f

    Hello :) . looking for someone to do a rp with me that involves muscle and body growth, also merging. If anyone is intrested please pm me.
  5. FauxFoxer

    Shaded fullbodies for 5$ each (paypal)

    Artwork Gallery for FauxFoxer -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Heres my FA gallery for art examples. I won't do nsfw but tasteful nudity and gore is ok. If you decide to commission me send me a reference of the character you want (or describe them in detail) I will send you a sketch that you can...
  6. David Carpenter

    (For a film) Large Crow wings, body, tail & feet

    Hi , My name is David Carpenter. I'm an independent film maker out of LA. I have a short film I'm looking to shoot in November or December and I'm looking for assistance on the creating a large crow costume. Currently I have some one making the head/mask. I'm working with Crystumes, she is...
  7. Saltamor

    Open for COMMISSION!!!

    Hello everyone :) I hope you are in a good mood. I want to present my works. I will be happy to draw anything you want :) You can see more work at this link my FA page: Userpage of Saltamor -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My Telegram: @Saltamor
  8. Crimcyan

    Do you ever just... Loaf around?

    Do you ever just loaf around? If not? You should try it some time. This forum is turning into a salty arguing center.
  9. Saltamor

    Commission character (SFW and NFSW)

    Hi, I'm open for commission. You can see my work at this link: Userpage of Saltamor -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here's my price: ➡️Full body - 40$; ➡️Headshot - 25$ ➡️NSFW - 50-60$ ➡️Line - 10$ ➡️+background 10-15$ I can draw all that you can wish for :) Do not hesitate to write✊️
  10. usbac

    OPEN! Full body $7

    MY DEVIANTART LINK (The english isn't my natal language) TERMS: -The image can be NSFW. -If I'm busy with more than one commission at the same time, the time could expand a little more, so I will notify you. -The character should have an anthro body (can be a furry, a human or something...