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  1. Kvirk

    Adopt spirit forest auction [OPEN]

    A spirit out from the depths of the forest. Can you tame it? Auction! SB - 5 US MI - 2 US AB - 50 US no rules, you don't need to notify me about the transfer of the character. The auction will end 24 hours after the last bid, but I can also end early. Payment via PayPal. I give the character...
  2. lelapinmort

    Do you pop your spine?

    And how do you go about it? I usually will anchor my feet in a doorway, or sit in a chair, and pull my upper body left to right with my arms. Or I'll lie on my stomach, bring my right knee up beside me, pushing on my right hip with my hand to twist myself gently. Repeat for left side. Sometimes...