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  1. Koush

    Sci-fi books recommendation

    Hey, folks! I've recently started delving into science fiction books and quickly fell in love with the genre <3 However, I do not know many good titles, and my thirst is far from quenched hahaha SO, I would love sharing my recommendations and getting to know some from you. I usually prefer hard...
  2. WulfeVanDerKross

    The Saga of Fidonhaal - An Anthro Fantasy-Adventure Series

    Hello there, dear visitor! This thread was initially made in an effort to promote my debut anthro fantasy-adventure novel, titled The Saga of Fidonhaal: Daughters of the East. However, this thread was also planned to be a place for posts concerning future stories in the world of Fidonhaal, as...
  3. Brightcat135

    BrightCat Coloring Finally Done!

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share one of my projects with you guys: a coloring book! I'd been sitting on it for years, but I finally decided to just go ahead and finish it instead of trying to make it perfect. If you want to snag a copy for yourself or for your kid or your friend's kid you can...
  4. PsychedelicRobinHood

    Free Dog Man Brawl of the wild book

    I am giving away a free book just to be nice if any of you furs would like it its up for grabs it is a hard book cover so yeah also the shipping is free
  5. reid minnich

    Furry Detective Noir Series

    PC Hatter's new 13 book furry detective series is available on Amazon. These are parodies of the famous Mike Hammer series of the 1950's turned furry. A new novella comes out each month. Check out the Kaiser Wrench series on Amazon
  6. M

    Mechwarrior: Destiny

    Anyone else check out Mechwarrior: Destiny? I've never done any of the Battletech/Mechwarrior RPGs like A Time of War before, but decided to pick up a copy at least as a collectable and for the art work. With Covid I doubt I'll be able to get a group together for a long time though. :(
  7. Yoserfael1

    Good SFW furry books thread

    Furry book thread for referencing. Post your recommendations here! Yes! Novellas, Novels, Essays, Poetry, Serials, Short stories, etc. Any Genre Any age range Any publisher SFW (As in, you wouldn't be ashamed of putting this on a bookshelf in a...
  8. N1TR0F0X

    DOG TF STORY | My Life as a Teenage Canine (Ebook)

    payhip.com: (eBook) My Life as a Teenage Canine Hello fellow furry friends! I am offering my own, breathtaking ebook you may want to read! You may find an interest in it's plot. I, myself, have put together these 15 chapters for you to get lost into a furry canine fantasy! I hope that you will...
  9. K

    What's your all time favorite book?

    Just recently in the past year, I've been getting way more into reading for enjoyment. I've noticed, with family and friends, the topic of books and what our favorites are rarely, if ever, comes up. So I thought to ask the forums what your favorite books are. I love seeing what other people...
  10. Devo Waterfowl

    Devo The Duck (Chapters)

    With so much going on with cartoons without that old school feelings of slapstick humor or the fact that people are too scared to talk about the real stuff that is going on in the world then it went to this one character to change the ties and bring the 30's back. Each chapter of Devo The Duck...
  11. reptile logic

    Book giveaway contest

    (Edit: The giveaway ended some time ago. I hope that some of you managed to get a copy.)I'm giving away copies of my ebook, "The Accidental Ambassador" The promotion ends Jan 2, at 2359hrs PST or when the books run out. Sorry, this deal is only available in The States. I could find no way to...
  12. CardielYFiccion

    [Book] "Fuerza Protectora del Ciberespacio"

    Hi everyone! I just want to share with you my new book titled "Fuerza Protectora del Ciberespacio", is a short novel of comedy, drama and science fiction. Also, I have a site where I have uploaded lots of furry stories and sagas (spanish), you might want to check it out as well. Have a nice day...
  13. Fere

    Heavy metal furry novel

    Hi there! Currently finishing up my 3rd book and was looking to do something a little different this time, in regard to illustrations. Since the focus of the book is a heavy metal band (half way house between Manson and Rammstein), I was looking to do clickable excerpts within the ebook which...
  14. Fere

    Heavy metal furry novel

    Hi there! Currently finishing up my 3rd book and was looking to do something a little different this time, in regard to illustrations. Since the focus of the book is a heavy metal band (half way house between Manson and Rammstein), I was looking to do clickable excerpts within the ebook which...
  15. S

    CLOSED: Artist Wanted for Table Top Game Illustrations

    Greetings Artist, I'm currently finishing up play testing on a table top RPG system I have been working on for the last year and a half. The rule set is nearing it's final phase or play testing and I need art to go with it so players will have something in which they can reference to help...
  16. ownerofalonelyheart

    need a book cover 40$

    Greetings artists. I am a writer in possession of unusual OC's (original species) and I am looking for an open-minded artist to draw them for me. please note I need these covers for commercial use-covers on Amazon. My OC's are vehicle-inspired animal-people which is why I'd like to work with...
  17. Lawkbutt


    Does anybody else remember this book series called Catwings? I barely remember it being read to me when I was a child, and I thought it would be interesting to discuss here. It's about a litter of kittens who are born with wings and are able to fly. Here's the wikipedia page for it.
  18. Valin

    Furry Romance Webcomic!!

    Hey! I'm currently making a webcomic called Anomalous and was hoping you'd check it out! It's a romance comic between two childhood friends! I started this comic a long while ago, so the drawings and script in the beginning aren't as good in terms of quality in comparison to more recent pages...
  19. MGFerret

    New Comic Page Posted :)

    Hi all, I've been working hard on this comic for a while, and if you're interested in reading it it's over on FA (Userpage of Orbitencounter -- Fur Affinity [dot] net it would be great if you could take the time to go read it. It's called Orbit: Encounter and is about a small space otter being...
  20. reptile logic

    A shameless plug; The Accidental Ambassador

    As long as I'm in this section, I thought that I would plug my book again. The Accidental Ambassador, by D A Barr. Available in e-book form practically everywhere, distributed through Bookbaby. Places like here: Barnes&Noble And here: Amazon Currently on sale (news to me) for $3.03usd...