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  1. JoeStrike

    You try to say something positive to the media about Furry...

    Furry Nation, my book about the fandom's history was published last week. ( www.furrynation.com ) The publisher's publicist arranged an interview with the NY Post to promote the book. I made sure to downplay the "kink" angle the media like to focus on, repeatedly told him Furry was primarily...
  2. furwrite

    I'm 19 y/o Author who just released my first novelette!

    Hello everyone! I'm a 19-year-old author who just finished writing their very first Novelette. Sub Terra is the name of a city in the book. A city populated and ran by Anthropomorphic beings! It's diverse, massive, and on the brink of civil war. Only one man can save it. I don't want to spoil...
  3. furwrite

    Hello! I'm a furry, I'm 19, and I just finished writing my first book!

    Hello everyone! I'm a 19-year-old author who just finished writing their very first Novelette. Sub Terra is the name of a city in the book. A city populated and ran by Anthropomorphic beings! It's diverse, massive, and on the brink of civil war. Only one man can save it. I don't want to spoil...
  4. JoeStrike

    +"Furry Nation" now on sale - with furs-only bonus offer!

    Furry Nation: The True Story of America's Most Misunderstood Subculture went on sale yesterday... and I have a furs-only bonus offer for people who buy it via one of the bookseller links at www.furrynation.com/buy-the-book page: (Books purchased directly from a bookseller not eligible.)
  5. M

    A-Z book for adults; literary agent rejected the children's book

    A literary agent rejected my children's book on A-Z future technologies. Now I'm going to try it for adults but I feel my list is too generic. I made it so kids could understand it. Now I'm doing it for adults so their is no handicap. Here's my list Antimatter rocket Brain implant Clone DNA...
  6. M

    Last thread for awhile, I promise. A-Z book of sci-fi/future tech

    My project idea has changed. I'm writing an A-Z book of futuristic/sci-fiesque technologies for children in order to get them interested in science. I already have my own A-Z list, but I'd love to see if anyone else has a good A-Z list
  7. ruruarts

    Furry Pinup Book ! Ft. ( YCH )

    Hello everyone ! Professor_Hawthorne and I are making a pinup book called Furfessionals: Hard at Work ! The book is 32 pages featuring 12 pinups ( with captions by Romas ) and 2 two-character centerfolds of various "sexy professions." We've decided that the remaining 12-14 slots could be open...
  8. JoeStrike

    "Furry Nation" publication date rapidly approaching!

    Furry Nation, my history of the fandom will be published as a Nook/Kindle eBook on September 10, then as a paperback on October 10. I've been working on this sucker on and off since 2008, give or take a year. Being a "greymuzzle" I was lucky enough to stumble into the fandom in 1988 when...
  9. Skunktaur

    Novel "Thousand Tales: Learning To Fly"

    Huzzah! My novel "Thousand Tales: Learning To Fly" is live on Amazon! It's about a human who's gone to a game's virtual world. In there he chooses to become a pegasus, meet AIs, learn magic, fight a silly war, and spend time in the real world piloting robots, all for the sake of an imaginary...
  10. reptile logic

    Wanted to share, because it's pretty

    You may have seen this on FA dot net or maybe Deviant Art. In any case, I thought I would share this portrait here as well. This is a character in The Accidental Ambassador, by D A Barr. Khyaber Userpage of khyaber -- Fur Affinity [dot] net was commissioned to do the work, and I am very happy...
  11. Impulse-8

    "Deltora Quest"

    Anyone here still remember the "Deltora Quest" books? This is the first fantasy book series I ever got into. I've recently finished re-reading them all since the last time I read them was over a decade ago. Took 2 years, but I did it. So far, most of the odd-numbered books are my favorites...
  12. reptile logic

    Paperbacks are in, The Accidental Ambassador!

    Edit: added more ordering info. Update!! The paperbacks are in! I am working toward getting them in the local, Seattle area, book stores as well as some of the big retailers. In the meantime you can contact me directly for a copy. The first 300 to be sold are signed and numbered. Sorry, no...
  13. D

    Then and Now: Stancest Anthology Preorders

    Hello! I am one of the moderators for Then and Now: Stancest Anthology. It is a safe for work, anthology featuring Stanford and Stanley pines from Gravity Falls! This is a full colored book, filled with comics, stories and illustrations! Almost 200 pages of content created by over 50...
  14. Angellothefox

    Reading Terry Pratchett for the Book reading contest at college

    At the moment a book I am reading and Enjoying is Terry Pratchett Night Watch and if you have not read it yet you should it is funny. :D Sad:( and :confused: yeah... It has your basic terry pratchett humore and more for example if I can remeber it "Sometimes a man gets these urges. For a woman...
  15. TidesofFate

    Legendary Entertainment acquires rights to Dune

    So Legendary Entertainment has the film and television rights to Dune now. Adaptation of the first Dune book #3, 2nd adaptations 2nd and 3rd books, and first times beyond those here we go. Assuming they get that far. I've read the book, watched the David Lynch movie, and saw the miniseries...
  16. JoeStrike

    How did you come up with your fursona?

    Hi, your friendly neighborhood greymuzzle here... I'm writing Furry Nation, the first book tracing our fandom's birth and growth and connecting it to the human instinct that's been around forever to anthropomorphize animals. (website: furrynation.com ) It will published next fall by Cleis...
  17. Amethystine

    [NSFW, 18+] Transformation-Filled Novel-Length Story!

    Hey everyone! :D Just a little announcement here for all you readers on the forums. After over 10 years of writing in the furry community, I'm launching a massive story for sale, due to some unfortunate bills. It's about 140,000 words, but you can get it for the price of a sandwich, ha! The...
  18. KingTiger856

    Hunger Games

    I just finished this amazing book a few days ago. Anyone else have read it?
  19. P


    The erotic Neko Anthology, Purrfect Tails, is open for submission. dogpatch.press: Purrfect Tails – OPEN FOR SUBMISSION
  20. Rmania

    Drawing Reference Books/Sites

    Hi! I'm currently reading a movement and form drawing syllabus book that i got earlier this year and I wondered if anyone had any good musculature/anatomy reference books or sites that they can recommend? I found a really good pose website that gives you 360 perspective view of someone in a...