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  1. Duke The Blue Wolf

    Bored and looking for Roleplay

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for furry RP. Only looking to do 1-on-1 right now, but I could be open to adding more people as time goes on. I can stay SFW or go NSFW depending on your preference. (Though I'd like to avoid Scat, WS, and Hyper/Macro.) I'm relatively new to RP in general...
  2. Bluefiremark II

    Request: need characrers to draw?

    Just gonna put this out there as an option for people, I've got a ton of possibilities to do! I have a lot of characters and some of them have art, majority do not. I'd love more art for both ones that do and do not have any so far. I have information ready for every character so far, so if...
  3. SashaBengal


    I’m bored, and will prolly regret this, but then again, prolly not many people here will know/remember me well enough to care so what the hey. Let’s do this thing. Ask me anything! *(I reserve the right to answer as either irl me or one of my sonas, or not at all)
  4. Sledge_Husky 04


    Hello, im super bored and antisocial so anyone who wants to talk please start a convorsation with me!!! I would love to talk!
  5. L

    are there any online rpg browser games that let you create your own anthro character?

    preferably not fetishy or sexual
  6. Deathless

    Free Art: Super Bored [CLOSED]

    Hey all. I'm really bored at the moment so I would like to do some rough sketches for some of you here. These will most likely not be colored or not even outlined, I just want something to do at the moment. There won't be any slots, just put a reference down below. There probably won't be any...
  7. L

    Paradoxes: The Ultimate Oxymoron

    Aside From The Fancy Title.... This thread is meant to discuss any form of paradoxes. I'll begin with one; If one said their life is meaningless, technically they gave it a meaning, as they defined what their life is.
  8. ThiccPinkPunkGoddess

    Bored Bun

    When you're in a long distance relationship and the only thing your boyfriend wants to do is get lewd and won't focus on anything else than that! So.....Now I'm bored.... With all my other friends gone and asleep, I have no one else to attend to me. Someone unbored me!
  9. Xultira Remix

    Any North Carolinian Furs here?

    Hi. I'm relatively new. Scared of posting anything or commenting on anything. But here I go. Against my better judgement. ----------------------------------- Anyeay, I was just wondering if there were any Furries in the North Carolina area. I live In Statesville, so I'm in the "Foothills". If...
  10. Rusty_Raccoon


  11. LuciantheHugmage

    Hug, Give, Boop, Backrub, or PUNISH?

    A game where you can hug, give a gift to, boop, backrub, or punish the user above you. You should give a reason as to why. Keep punishments PG please.
  12. LuciantheHugmage

    Something Happens to the User Above You...

    But what is it? That's for you to decide. It can be positive or negative. It can be something you do, or just some random event. Just keep it SFW, though.
  13. LuciantheHugmage

    Weirdest Things That Have Happened To You

    I've come to realize that life can be strange. Very strange, even though my life is... rather boring. So, I'd like to know: What are some of the strangest things that have happened to you? It can be anything. Just... keep it SFW, if you don't mind.
  14. E

    How do you like your eggs?

    You can tell a lot about a person by how they cook their eggs. Probably. I like mine sunny side up. When you cut it open and that nice runny yolk comes out
  15. J

    Rate Me (im bored) :P

    Im bored. This is my bored thread. Just punch in a vote i guess :P
  16. DexterCat

    Anyone wannan talk?

    I'm bored. sitting in school. There's like 40 minutes left of the day so does anyone wanna chat? dm me?
  17. Kit-Kat-Katt

    Bored talk

    Title implies, I'm bored af
  18. Rant

    trapped at work and bored

    Doing a 16h overnight shift but I have nothing to do because I finished what I needed. I also made friends with a little moth. Im not good at this "talking" and "socializing" thing since I've been doing nights for almost a year and don't really have anyone outside of work to talk too. :C
  19. furryfilth

    Talk to me about anything

    I'm bored as hell and wanna talk to some people so here ya go. Type words and I will reply with more words. If you wanna RP the RP, if you wanna complain about anything that's fine too, just dooo itttt (cue Shia Labeouf gif.)
  20. Willow

    Which spam bot is your favorite?

    by now there has to be at least one bot whose presence we've all enjoyed seeing as a part of the FAF experience. my personal favorite is Korean beer bot. what's yours?