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  1. Kioskask

    What can I do??

    Tomorrow, I'm going to have to be 100% silent and confined to my room for a whole day. I can't make any noise because there is going to be a film crew recording for a film inside my house, and their mic picks up even the slightest bit of sound. Does anyone know anything interesting/fun that I...
  2. TaylorxxWolfie

    Would you Rather

    I thought this might be a fun game to play while FA is down. Here are the questions: 1) Would you rather have eyes for breasts, or breasts for eyes? 2) Would you rather have people hear everything you think, or never talk again? 3) Would you rather eat using your ass, or poop using your...
  3. K

    I'm bored

    It's like 4:00 and I'm just sitting here on furaffinity with my head up my ass. Wanna talk about something?
  4. Luku_Zuku

    Anyone wanna chat?

    So, I been kinda bored in a few of my lessons whilst I wait for assignments to come around. Anyone wanna talk over google hangouts or something? I'll only be able to use text chat for now anyway... If you wanna send me the invite, ONE of my emails is minexpert6947@gmail.com and no, I didn't...
  5. Kioskask

    Passing time

    I have pretty much nothing to do on weekends until my graphics tablet arrives next week, so it would be interesting to know what you do to pass time.
  6. luxdreamer

    I woke up feeling like a sad trombone

    I'm not sure why but I do. And it is really messing with my ability to focus on practicing my pixel art. So what I was thinking...maybe you lovelies would be kind enough to show me some cute and/or funny pics? ;____;
  7. Dreathen

    Howdy from a British Yeener ^//^

    Hello all! General boredom has brought me towards y'all, so I guess here I am posting random stuff and things! I'm so crappy with personal introductions, but some general things I would say is; I'm a tall thin punky spotted hyena thing I make awful music and flash based video games I'm pretty...