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  1. Vishunei

    Reverse Search Bot Implementation

    Anyone know much about setting up bots for Telegram channels here? Just had a few questions/needed a bit of guidance with one for my channel. This is my first time with all of this, and tonight I sleep frustrated as I couldn't achieve much despite messing around with Botfather, Modr8, and so on...
  2. Shahf the Wolfo

    Link to NSFW Furry Text-Adventure Bot!

    Heya all ^^ Just released a game I've been working on with another for a few months called: College Daze Playing as a subby red panda where you get to experience an end of College partay! Complete with alcohols, strange trips to the 4th dimension and of course a little bit of lewd ;) You can...
  3. Midimistro

    Creating a General Use Discord Bot that includes posting FA submissions to Discord

    I am currently working on a general use discord bot called "Nex". He uses Node.js and a handful of modules to provide several different utilities such as choose things at random, provide random cat or dog pictures, search images from FA, derpibooru, and e621 (dA is still under construction)...