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  1. TyraWadman

    Girl/Boy band of FAF?

    I remember a while back there was that whole fun poll of who should rule FAF and thought 'what if we do that but for an official FAF Boyband/Girlband? >u> Rules (so far): Application: Things to Ponder/Discuss: Band Names Themes/Styles or music genres Band Drama (for funsies) Current...
  2. GrayMech

    [NSFW] looking for mature daddy type for m/m RP

    looking for someone to rp a mature daddy type character, ideally either fat or muscular (or a combination of them) I'm happy to rp as a human, werewolf or just my wolf character. (prefer being human) can RP on discord but also open to other platforms. willing to send pics of myself or my...
  3. SpaceyShiba

    Hiring: (5-25 USD budget) LF Artists who draw anthro males very good and have angry/angsty examples

    It has been super difficult finding artists who have open commissions AND draw males extremely well. I have canine characters, nothing super complicated in terms of design. If you have pieces that portray anger/rage, bad boys (not the impress ladies type i mean like actual bad kids), >:D kinda...
  4. Noir Gladia

    Deer Centaur Boy Adopt [Set price]

    www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT] Sound of ancient worlds [Set price::OPEN] www.furaffinity.net: Sound of Ancient Worlds by noirgladia His deer half is more like a fawn body but with more muscle at the chest to hold the human half, and his horns are mature elk horns. His horns, tail, and right arm...
  5. 102vvv

    I want to draw your...

    twinks! show me them cute gay boy couples or singles, warning, pics will likely be nsfw my art here: Userpage of 102vvv -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  6. K9Lupus

    [Critique Requested] "Wolf Boy" An Upcoming Novel

    Hello everyone, I wanted to extend an invitation and request to each of you to take the time to read over and critique my main writing project, "Wolf Boy": "Wolf Boy" follows the journey of a girl named Nylca who finds solace exploring the woods around her home to escape from the tension of a...
  7. J

    Small deer boy looking for RP

    I'm a small deer boy looking for a RP with anyone doing anything. I'm quite small and submissive but you don't need to be dom or anything - literally looking for anyone, no matter the gender, role, species etc. :) It would help to have a RP in mind beforehand but it doesn't matter if you don't...
  8. Samantha Meade

    Serious Question

    Hey everyone, my name is Fox and I try to stay pretty active in the community. I say that to mean I make a lot of art and meet a lot of furs online. See, I can't really get a fursuit or go to cons for a few reason the top ones being; 1. It's expensive 2. I live somewhere where cons are quite a...
  9. gothboy420

    unusual or rare emo anthro fursona?

    where are all the weird edgy furries on here? trying to meet other edgelords like myself and maybe skype me to help me create my fursona. im a new closeted furry in college btw weenfart.tumblr.com is my tumblr soooo check that out
  10. TayMalerei

    Cheap Adoptables

    $5 - www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Flat Price Moth Adopt by TayMalerei $10 - www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Flat Price Adopt by TayMalerei
  11. swbFoi

    New ych-commission!

    Hello everybody! I open ych-clons and ych-comission! I really need money now. Examples will be shown below. Look more arts and examples in here Userpage of kicoffe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net More YCHs here Artwork Gallery for kicoffe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  12. mariKai

    NSFW Male YCH: $20 SET PRICE

    You can view the base here (NSFW warning): YCH OPEN: See Description for Details!! •Price• Set Price: $20 First come first serve! •Rules/Terms for Art• - Canine/Feline species preferred (essentially any character that would fit this base easily) - Male-bodied ONLY - Includes full colored...