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  1. Sairn

    First Fursona Iteration

    I've got a working idea for my fursona, comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated! This is just a start of my thinking over the last few days, and needed to write the idea out. This fursona is a cat. (Specifically a Norwegian Forest Cat) Smokey is his name, moderate sized, grew up in...
  2. TheCynicalViet

    King of the Wild - Let's Shoot Some Ideas!

    EDIT: Comic is on permanent hiatus.
  3. RafaleFlight

    Some of my Work

    I may not be much of an artist, but I'd like to post some of my writing chops here, for your perusal. In my, shall we say, less experienced days I wrote fanfic pieces with some moderate success. These days I've written a few short stories, published two of them, and I like to work on little...