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  1. SunChief

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Chibi Girls Adoption [4 slots] [$15]

    ▼ Link ▼ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35297834/
  2. CL4M0

    DIGITAL and PIXEL commissions starting @ $10! Cutesy, sexy, and feminine preferred! SFW/NSFW

    Hello! I am a digital and pixel artist looking to go full time, so I am expanding where I advertise my services! I'm planning on increasing my prices after the beginning of the year, but all commissions accepted before then will be at the following prices!! Portfolio // Terms of Service //...
  3. synicals

    OTA One-off Herb Gathering Tiger

    8/30/2017 This is an Herb Gathering Tiger It's a one-off, not part of a species or anything This design was created by me, synicals @ deviantart and furaffinity. Please do not reuse or repost without written consent. Please do not use or roleplay or do anything with this character without...
  4. TayMalerei

    Show me your candy gore!

    Whether they were commissioned pieces or originals, I love the style and want to see some good examples for drawing my own, along with finding new people to watch! :)
  5. Ijaron


    hello everyone my name is norjia and i do samplemixing with magix music maker jam wich is an app for windows 10 and android it is pretty neat epecially when you know how to use it, i put a special track together in wich you can a change between depression and happyness! the description: with...