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  1. Zehnny

    Obligatory hi I'm new thread

    Hello I forgot that I made a FurAffinity account years ago and figured I may as well start using it again since I am getting back into digital art. Username is the same as here, Zehnny. I am really active on twitter too, @/lilZehnny is my handle. I mostly draw pony related stuff but that's...
  2. S

    Why the hate on bronies?

    I don't see them as a problem hell my little cousins love mlp or mlp friendship is magic. Well tell me why so that I could understand better and please no hate just reason and understanding with a compassion heart.
  3. teleneka

    (Commission) Selling: $5-$25 commissions! open + needing orders!

    hello!! im in kind of a difficult situation rn and i really need to make money asap. i would really appreciate it if you could consider checking out or sharing my commissions! please feel free to message me for more info!
  4. skylaark

    gay mlp rp??

    :0 im interested in doing some casual paragraph rp with my mlp oc, skylark! you can check out more info about him on my fa page (Userpage of skylaark -- Fur Affinity [dot] net). i prefer mlm/gay rp. i dont mind sfw or nsfw rp, but either way you must be over 18 irl, and characters must be over...
  5. Raptorart

    Furry/ Demon/ dragon hybrid auctions

    I have catgirls, bunny girls, and demon/ dragon hybrids all up for auction I have some examples of whats up for sale below Link to all the auctions is on here--- RaptorartStudios - YCH.Commishes thanks for your time!
  6. HoneyBonnieBunny

    My Little Pony Adoptables!

    Oleander is SOLD As usual spring has come early in Louisiana, so I made these ponies based off of some of my favorite flowers! Each pony is $10, payable through PayPal. The email is honeybonniebunny@gmail.com. If you're interested just comment or send me a message to claim, and once the money is...
  7. Antidaeophobia

    Back from Hiatus

    I was in the hospital all last year, and been pretty busy, but glad to finally get back on FA. Hoping to make some friends. I use to be a brony, but now I'm working more in the furry fandom since the brony fandom has gotten pretty toxic. I'm a artist, and a crafter that loves to draw, knit, make...
  8. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Mystery Pony Commissions!~ <3

    Mystery Pony Commissions are Open!~ How it Works… You’ll be getting a totally unique, custom pony, but you won’t know what it will look like until it’s done! You give me a… 1.) Name and/or Theme (Or even a color palette!) 2.) Species 3.) Gender I will create a pony for you based on what...
  9. halcyondrop

    YCH | Ponies in Panties

    Bid here if interested! Come Play! - YCH.Commishes
  10. LiquidCake

    OPEN Commissions~!

    Hi there~! I already posted one thread for this, but since I made a true sheet I figured I'd make a new one (the first was buried, anyway). Text: "Short" Headshot: Sketch- $6 Flat- $15 Full- $23 Mid-Waist: Sketch- $7 Flat- $18 Full- $25 Full-body: Sketch- $9 Flat- $20...
  11. msgrandpabacon

    Full-Body Anthro Commissions SFW/NSFW ($5-$15) Sale~

    Hey there! Thanks for clicking on my thread. Once all of my slots have been filled I am going to raise my prices higher. There is 1 slot left. I am willing to draw most anything. Especially candy gore. $5 for a singular headshot/avatar. You will be provided with the original size of the...
  12. Square-Wave_Kittycat

    What is the link between furry fandom and mlp?

    I've never seen this question asked by searching so I decided to ask this question myself. I've just been so confused by the amount of mlp and bronies in this fandom and on FA so I need answers!
  13. Ninitard

    All adopts for sale! Between $10 -$25

    Hi hi again. I'm wanting to clean up my adopts so I'm reducing the prices . All pictures aer down below. Here's the prices of them. Pink,black and purple tiger : $20 Caramel Blossom(pony) :$15 Strawberry Cheeks (pony) :$10 Pink valentine's pony: $10 Deer : $20 Blue hybrid pony (not alicorn) ...
  14. crystallinecanine

    I'm not even a full on brony....

    AND I LOVE THIS SONG! ( ) I just want to dance everytime I hear it!! Agghhh!! Does anyone relate or an I all alone? XD
  15. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Themes for My Little Pony Adoptables?

    If you were in the market for pony adoptables, what kind of designs would you like to see? What themes would you like to see in different batches? Let me know, I need some ideas! Here's a link to my Deviantart where you can see my previous adoptables http://honeybonniebunny.deviantart.com/...