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  1. Raever

    A cool free browser game I wanted to share...

    It's a bit old, around ten years or so, but I wanted to share this Bleach (anime) browser based rpg with you guys - for those of you who might be old school like me and prefer simpler things in order to pass time. There's so much in the game that I have no hope of covering everything, but a lot...
  2. Hircreacc

    FAP - FurAffinity Patcher (Browser Extension)

    The FurAffinity Patcher is a Browser Extension with some Content Scripts for Index -- Fur Affinity [dot] net. Adding some Client-Side features like Edit-Preview and some smaller tweaks. It all began with "Why can't I see icons on my Watchlist ?“, "Who is this again ?" or "No preview rendering...
  3. stimpy

    What browser do you use

    what Browser do you use?
  4. E

    Page sistem

    I have two questions (principally to the administrator Furaffinity) 1.- Have you considered use a optional scrolling page sistem at least in the Browser (with the preference selection of curse) Browsing Artwork -- Fur Affinity [dot] net like in devian art Browse Art - DeviantArt ? I ask...