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  1. Deathless

    Art Trade: Open For Trades

    I have some major art block and I overall have no motivation to draw again, and so to prevent myself from going on another art hiatus, I'm looking for people to do some art trades with! I have a variety of different characters to choose from and I also have a variety of things I will draw...
  2. Deathless

    What inspired your fursona's name?

    If this thread was made before, I apologize! Tell me the backstory behind your fursona's name! Coming up with fitting names is kind of tough and I wanna know what made you chose the name you've chosen? My main girl's name is Deathless (linked pics of my girl just in case y'all wanna see her)...
  3. Deathless

    Art Trade: [ART TRADE] Human Practice!!

    Hey all! I wanna practice drawing some human people! I'd love to do an art trade for specific human characters, I have some human based characters that need some good attention. I am willing to draw fursonas but I'd love to draw more humans (or human based) for my own practice as well! If...
  4. BlockwizardGaming

    I think we have a future private eye on our hands