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  1. skeletonizedskull

    bubbles are cool

    Bubbles are cool. But what's uncool is how many pictures of bubbles being bounced on, played with, or just laid on [non-sexually/lewd] is minimal when compared to how many are sexualized, given lewd visuals, or fetishized. I understand that those kinds of pictures [non-sexual bubble pictures]...
  2. Puffyfluff

    Searching for Partners for a Bubble Rp

    Heya all I have a weird rp request here that corresponds to a weird fetish/kink or whatever you want to call it. So in a nutshell I love bubbles, of all types and all kinds. The rp or rps I'm looking for would involved bubbles being involved and being a major part of the rp, beyond this theme...
  3. HistoricalyIncorrect

    Bubbles now?

    alright... we had sunglasses but WHY bubbles?
  4. Meowimator

    Practicing Backgrounds. Any Critiques? <3

    I need opinions on these. They were my second attempt at painting and I would love some feedback. :D <3