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  1. B

    gifs don't work

    It seems that when posting an animation, gif, etc, it doesn't work! The animation doesn't move, it stays still in png format, even if I post it in GIF format,bug found after updating Fur Affinity
  2. DragonTalon

    FA is re-compressing jpeg uploads after the Nov 2022 update.

    I was eager to try out the new file sizes and uploaded some larger versions, but was disappointed to find that FA is re-compressing my jpeg uploads. Example - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38015883/ It isn't resizing them, but is converting them down to q-level 90 and turning off...
  3. Midori-Dragon

    Main Site Can't upload Images to Furaffinity

    So I currently have the problem that when I choose "Upload" I can't upload a file. When I drag and drop a file into the upload source file section nothing happens and when I choose a file via browsing window explorer my mouse gets the loading spinner for a split second and then still nothing...
  4. D

    Main Site 404 bug?

    Whenever I go into browsing and press "Next" while the page number is 1000 or more, the page sends me a 404 error. If I instead put the next page's number directly into the browse search, it shows me the page like normal. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks! (Image of 404 page below)
  5. phantomboo

    Request: Please Draw My Pretty Bug Boy (pleading face)

    That's his reference sheet; if you need ideas, like outfits or something, let me know. I appreciate any & all art. He has top surgery scars, which is what you can see below his pecs. He has a beauty mark on the side of his face, which is what that little spot is. He has a tongue & navel...
  6. H

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Humanoid FruitBug Adopts SB $10!!!

    These are my first adopts!! I had lots of fun making them and I def plan to make more :^) STARTING BID = $10 usd MINIMUM BID INCREMENT = $5 usd AUTOBUY = $50 usd 1. Lemon-Lime Caterpillar Camper 2. Pomegranate Punk Dragonfly 3. Peaches & Cream Moth Merchant sold RULES - Paypal ONLY -...
  7. A

    Main Site [fixed, kind of] Imagus browser extension no longer works with FA when logged in

    EDIT: Issue was fixed by reinstalling the addon, but updating rules breaks it again, see >this post< Imagus web browser extension for Chrome (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/.....eppnmlhakdmaab) no longer works on FA when I am logged in. It works fine when I am logged out. It worked when...
  8. numumy

    Main Site issues with featured submission?

    hi! I'm very new to FA, and today I tried to set one of my submissions as my featured one, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. my main issue is that whatever submission I choose, it will not load in. the page will load for a good five minutes, sometimes loading a portion of the image...
  9. K1ND

    (Commission) Selling: $20 USD Each Critter Commissions +$5 for phone backgrounds!

    Hello all! K1ND here, I am opening up some fall/winter commissions! I’m offering doodle commissions of animals/ferals/creatures/monsters. Each doodle will be fullbody and transparent (.png)! Extras: I can make phone/tablet backgrounds out of an animal for an extra $5! I also have a...
  10. N

    Main Site Blocked users are still on my watchers list

    I don't know if this is a bug or what, but I've noticed that even when I block a user, they are still listed on my watchers. It's very annoying. Does this mean they are still getting my submissions in their inbox? I blocked a user on my FA account THAX-39 a week or so ago and they are still...
  11. Kattling

    Main Site Thumbnails not working properly?

    I don't quite understand what's going wrong here. I know that animations don't just work in the thumbnails on FA, so I made a still and tried to upload it, but it compressed it back to the original size of the icon (poorly, may I add), completely defeating the purpose of having a thumbnail in...
  12. foxpawmcfly

    New FA Genders undid all my previous submissions

    Firstly, I'm very glad to see that FA has added more options to the submission categories. However, since most of my 1000+ submissions were labeled as "Transgender", and that option was removed and replaced with "Transgender (Male)" and "Transgender (Female)", now the vast majority of my...
  13. Amethystine

    Issues With Uploading [11/27/18]

    Hello! Has anyone else had problems with uploading artwork to the site recently? I've been trying for hours, but I just keep getting an error screen after a long load time. Dropbox - ErrorScreen.png I don't think I've ever had this issue on FA, and I've been able to upload on other sites...
  14. Fruitythebeetle

    Are you guys perfectly okay with a story about bug people?

    I worry to much to be frank, but I'm in the middle of working a comic strip series about a cricket, a katydid, and a grasshopper that form a band in a garden. Know a few folks aren't really into bugs.or are scared to death by them so that discourages me a little.
  15. no no

    HELP. Paint Tool Sai won't save?? [edit, fixed with solution]

    The worst part is this is a commission I was working on and I'm desperate to like, not lose all of it and stuff. I have some (most) of it saved as a .sai, but I'm now extremely concerned I won't be able to save ANY .sai file, which makes what I have useless. Currently, Sai will not save it as...
  16. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Not able to sign in on my pc?

    I can sign in and do stuff on my phone, but if I close said tabs and then try to sign in on my computer, it won't sign in.
  17. O

    I broke home page

    I don't know if this is just me or not, but if I click the "Home" tab on here, it signs me out and doesn't recognise my account info. If I hit the back arrow I'm back in my account on the page I last left off, and if I click the "Forums" tab it takes me to the home page without any problems...
  18. PaperDawls

    Paper's Art dumpz

    I don't know man, I just do. I guess we'll begin with a Panther. He is a lawyer with a passion for french pastries. His name is Emanuel. He tends to get into fights because of his size and demeanor. People think he is a tough guy. He's a huge goofball. Fiercely loyal. My boy, my baby. A...
  19. Uluri

    I broke my Forum Signature, Can any of you guys help?

    So yesterday I was wondering if I could make my signature have small visual buttons to go to my art sites instead of text, and the preview worked out for it. However, when I clicked "save" my signature vanished entirely and I haven't been able to edit it since. What I put in [url=LINK] [img]...
  20. Theram

    Offering Icons, busts, pixel art, ref sheets; furry, scaley, feathers, humanoid, alien

    I mainly do alien, scaley and bugs but I can draw any kind of creature or anthro, also robots. My style is mixed, I can do realistic, creepy, cartoony and cute. I'm not comfortable with doing sexual NSFW, but might consider suggestive themes. I have no issues with gore/violence. I use paypal...