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  1. M

    Time to give it a go.

    Well... I ended up stopping at Jo Anns and Surplus store on my way home and this happened. Figure it's time to try my hand at this. LOL
  2. daski

    Fursuit Head Help

    If I'm in the wrong forum or whatnot, my apologies! I'm looking to build my own head due to the odd appearance of my 'sona not able to really fit a general blank and physical personal reasons. Does anyone have any helpful tutorials I could follow, or any tips or tricks they've learned...
  3. Conceptualize

    How much does a fursuit weigh?

    I'm 5'10/215 pounds (Stocky/Muscle build). I'm building my first fursuit! I'm making it as an extension of myself and in a way I feel comfortable, however that has resorted to me using a good bit of materials that I feel that I can work well with, Right now my suit weighs in around 93 pounds/42...
  4. ilexdusk

    New to the Fursona Game

    Any skunks out there? I just started brainstorming my own fursona that's gonna be a skunk :3 AND I'm also drawing her out terribly... but gotta start somewhere even if I'm not an artist xD My username is gonna be her name. Ilex or Dusk.. whichever people wanna address me as. Is that weird to...
  5. sanssoucistudios

    My second head build

    New blog post chronicling my continuing adventures with my sophomore head build here. I'm excited to be using my own resin head, one I sculpted, molded and cast myself, though it took a lot of fiddling to get it to work with DVC parts (nose, teeth, etc.) Someday I'd very much like to sculpt my...
  6. Rant

    Model Kits and Hobbies

    So I was wondering who else likes to build kits like Gundam or Zoids? I've got 12 Zoids I've built so far, and I recently ordered a Red Saber Tiger pictured here. But im holding out for a rare Mirage Liger, a pearl painted Zoid thats pretty expensive. What are your hobbies? If you build kits...
  7. metallic_canine

    What hardware are you using?

    Hey FAF! I'm new to the 'Forums but I thought I'd start getting involved here in the Tech section! I'm a Computer Science student, so along with that beautiful stereotype you can tell I've used a number of computers in my time. My question is, what kind of computer do you use? Go ahead and brag...