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  1. Ramiel0912

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Cellshaded headshots!! (3/5 slots available) ^^

    First image: -One character = $25 USD -Two characters = $37 USD Second image: -One character = $40 USD -Two characters = $60 USD Feel free to DM me about any other requests! FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/ramiel0912/
  2. crownsmajesty

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) NSFW cow/bull half/full bodies

    I’m selling NSFW commissions of cow/bull furs, I mostly draw chubby and plus sized furs but I can draw an array of other body types. DM IF INTERESTED, PAYPAL ONLY SFW example: NSFW examples: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44360249/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44355520/
  3. I

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $40 Minotaur Adopt for sale! [OPEN]

    Selling this design for $40 since I didn't click with it. Comment or DM me to claim!
  4. Memainc

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [AUCTION/OPEN]Mafia Bull #1 -- SB: $60 / AB1 : $200

    MAFIA BULL AUCTION OPEN This guy is really bad and it's looking for someone who can handle him! SB: $60 usd MI: $2 usd AB1: $200 AB2: $320 Owner: You'll get: -The .psd file a full resolution -Full body -Nsfw version -Options like: Remove the scars or underwear -File without watermark...
  5. Gammauzumaki

    Looking for a lost furry

    Hey guys, someone know something about Stier (FA: Hands1992). He are missing from 3 months, anybody knows if he are ok. Please if someone know something tell me is a good friend n I'm worried.
  6. J

    Hiring: Artist for Reference Sheet of Bull / Tauren-ish Creature (Budget: $200)

    Hello there! I am currently seeking an artist who can create a reference sheet based on a character description and some visual description, including: * Lineart of a Bull / Tauren from 6 different angles. (Front, Back, Left Side, Right Side, Front-Left, Back-Right) * When creating a character...
  7. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: Heahshot $20 flat - $25 shaded

    Hi everyone! I'm Axellionhart, I change my style and for now I'll do some headshots. Flat $20 Shaded $25 PP only Unlimited sots I will: - make headshots of your sona or pet; - do sketch with after 50% payment; - do lineart and paint after last 50% of payment; - deliver via email. You will...
  8. A

    Maveryck's Bully: An old story of mine

    I write on commission, this is one of my more recent stories all in all. Maveryck's Bully was written under commissioner instruction, about his OC getting dominated in a college setting. Its a gay story, bovine male on canine male. Anyway, I still write commissions, contact me if interested?
  9. B

    Hiring Artist for Bull Fursona

    Hello Im Beau the Bull I am looking for an artist to help me with my first depiction of my fursona. I know when an artist likes what they are creating, the art shows it, so someone who wants to draw a bull would be ideal. I have a pretty flexible budget (starting at a minimum of $10) and I...
  10. Kingbatman7

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Adopts Open! 10+ of them!

    Here are all of them! They're apart of my Adopt Series called "MAGIC MIKE" lol they're all themed as exotic dancers. xD R U L E S ★R U L E S★ ★ Paypal; USD only! ★ NO ECHECKS PLEASE NO HOLDS THIS TIME SORRY! ★ If you back out I will give you a warning. ★ Failure to pay will result in lost of...
  11. Conseqq

    Request: Transitioning Bull

    Hey, all! So, I've been kind of keeping this whole thing on the down-low, mainly because I was still discovering myself, and learning to accept myself, aswell. Now, however, I've gotten comfortable enough to finally say, and appreciate saying, that I plan to go through with transitioning into...
  12. Moobutt

    [CLOSED] [NSFW] In a need for affordable artist

    G'day, denizens of the FA forums! This is probably... My second time posting? Not too sure. Anyways! I'll cut right to the chase. In the process of fetching myself some bucks, I reckon my budget'll be somewhere around the $40s, so, here's your chance to make a quick buck! Provided you're okay...
  13. snailienz

    $25 Adoptables OPEN 2/3

    => Go Here or Comment Below to Claim 1. OPEN 2. sold-SkullFoxAltar 3.OPEN BONUS: Offering to make full refs to go with the design for $20 more! Includes back view and detail shots (ex: paws, how accesories attach, teeth) AND color swatch set.
  14. theodrekr

    SFW and NSFW adoptables, Close Ups and NSFW YCH $20+

    Doing NSFW close ups $20 each NSFW Example: www.furaffinity.net: Genital Close Up-BaseT3mpest by theodrekr Grey Zebu Branded Bull: SB$80 or $180 AB with custom Full shade Art NSFW: www.furaffinity.net: Zebu Bull Adoptable by theodrekr NSFW Feral X Anthro YCH: Full Shade...