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  1. RealTrashPanda

    Critique: Looking for Critique - Blue Stripes

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here and was hoping for some feedback on a new story I've been writing. It's the first chapter of a larger M/M romance story, SFW but with some adult language. The story is called Blue Stripes and follows Blue the tiger as he meets Kai, a bear, while he is studying at...
  2. N

    Probably gonna be peacing out soon

    Hey guys. Do you remember in the past I may have mentioned a particular psychopath that I had a bad experience with and has occasionally attempted to recontact me over the course of this year since I stopped talking to him and blocked him everywhere? Well this week he's basically trying to...
  3. N

    "Friendly reminder" to avoid Furvilla at all costs.

    Welp. So I found out that Furvilla has a rather, for lack of a better word, toxic community. I had quit using the site some time ago, but recently found a blog (through searching up my name while I was bored. Yes, I do this. Don't judge me) where people from Furvilla apparently post as anons...
  4. R

    People have been bullying me for my art...? i don't think it's fair for people to hate

    so.. i hate to cause any drama.. and i won't list anyone who says anything.. but i've been having a lot of people bully me because of my art... they say my art style is too close to radywolfs art and that i should kms and stuff.. is it...? i don't know why.. but i've seen plenty of other...
  5. 1

    Have you ever been bullied?

  6. A

    Maveryck's Bully: An old story of mine

    I write on commission, this is one of my more recent stories all in all. Maveryck's Bully was written under commissioner instruction, about his OC getting dominated in a college setting. Its a gay story, bovine male on canine male. Anyway, I still write commissions, contact me if interested?
  7. Luku_Zuku

    Need a little help for a School Project...

    Hello... I need some serious help by asking a serious question. As some of you MAY know, I'm currently a photography student. For my upcoming Photographty 10 hour exam, I'll be making a response work to "To This Day" By Shane Koyzcan, on youtube. It's an anti-bullying word poem. So, I need to...
  8. Ricky

    Cyber Bullying - A Comprehensive Psychological Profile

    I found this report incredibly interesting. There is often talk about the subject on this site by victims of "internet bullying" or about them. This is a comprehensive report from the other side, the people who instigate these conflicts. http://www.cybercrimejournal.com/Bishop2013janijcc.pdf