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  1. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Here's the pitch: ''A bundle of over 500 games, software, and zines from over 400 queer artists across itch.io.'' 588 programs total, $60, or a budget version, $10! Only until next week though! Currently at 78%, and 97%, of the goals! Like this post if you buy either bundle...
  2. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Here's the pitch: ''Buy 992 items for $10 Regularly ~$6,553 Save 99%!'' That's right, you can get almost 1000 games and programs, at as little as a penny each! And the money goes to help the victims of The War in Ukraine! It's a win - win! Only until next week though! Currently, they're just...
  3. AnthroAL

    (Commission) Selling: $60 Art Bundle! (Updated)

    Digital Painting Bundle! Updating this thread with new info, I’m currently offering 1 Art Bundle right now. Info: Bundle Info $60 Comes with 1 painted headshot, 1 halfbody, 1 fullbody and 1 chibi, the halfbody and Fullbody can be nsfw, the halfbody will have a partial background and the...
  4. Reserved_Krolik

    Hey, I put some manga on eBay...

    If this isn't an appropriate place for this, please let me know! 15 Random Volumes of Manga, Full list on the page: 15 Manga, All Very Good Condition, English Language | eBay Volumes 1-6 of Fake: Fake by Sanami Matoh, Volumes 1-6 | eBay

    Hunie Sakura Humble Bundle COLORING COMMISSION offer

    Humble Bundle has a Hunie Sakura bundle going on that ends in 1 day and 19 hours as of this Forum Thread's submission. I wish to get it but am unable to at the moment due to the site not working on my desktop on Google chrome for some reason possibly related to the windows 0xc0000005 bug. I'm...
  6. OmenTheTalentless

    Telegram Stickers $1 Each! (5 Expressions Min.)

    Have your character or fursona drawn expressing various emotions for as little as one dollar! You must order at least 5 expressions to follow the rules c: Here are the expressions you can choose from! ibb.co: expressions Art examples: ibb.co: IMG 20170307 160058 (Creepy Human) ibb.co: rogue...