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  1. Siinna

    Tips on making artpacks?

    Heya any you fellow artists have any tips on how to approach making artpacks/bundles? I think its called alts?? Its something Ive seen many cool ppl do there must be some kind of workflow to that besides good art fundamentals ofc! Sadly it is not covered anywhere :( I think it can be helpful...
  2. Jessica Montana

    Telegram stickers! Save when you bundle!

    Why pay an arm and a leg for a single telegram sticker when you can save by buying a bundle? Simply pick how many of each sticker option you want(listed below and you'll get a bundle discount based on how many stickers you order. Sticker options: Heads: $5 Waist ups: $6 Full bodies: $7 you + a...
  3. Samantha Rose

    Commission Bundles and NSFW YCHs <3

    So I wanna do some bundles~ Can be of any species or breed :) 15$-headshot, half-body and full-body (SFW) 20$-headshot, full-body, full-body(SFW/NSFW) 30$-3 full-bodies and either a headshot or a half-body(SFW/NFSW) Pm or email if interested~ ~itstotssammii@gmail.com
  4. LadyLuckLindaina

    Art Slave Bundles! Get em before they are gone!

    www.furaffinity.net: Art Slave Bundles! Get em before they are gone! by Lemona_Poptarts $20 per bundle, 3 bundles per customer. Click link for more details.