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  1. HannahHurst

    Lil' Bun Bun (OPEN AUCTION)

    AUCTION: (ends 24 hours after last bid) Starting Bid: $20 Bid increase amount minimum: $3 AB: $100 **I will NOT hold characters anymore for others, I am sorry. : ( Please only say you will buy if you have the money/points at that current time. It isn't fair to others who would want the...
  2. Simo

    If you had to hunt/raise and butcher all your own meat, would you still eat it?

    Let's suppose a hypothetical situation: If you had to either hunt or raise animals for meat, and kill and butcher them, would you still eat meat? Or possibly not as often? I grew up in a very rural area, where hunting was pretty common, though I was never into it myself. I did eat a good deal...