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  1. Zel_____

    10 monster bunny adoptables for sale!

    Hello all! I've created 10 awesome, adorable, monstrous, bunny-ish things that you can adopt and call your own. They're each in a ladder option, so you can snag them as-is for as low as $10, or add whatever customizations you want for up to $35. If you like my art style but aren't sure about...
  2. Emii_M

    Bunny Anthro

    Hi everyone! I'm a total newbie in this place so I hope I'm doing this right. I've got an auction going on on my FA Gallery and I would like to get more viewers if anyone could be interested in it The Starting bid is 30 USD Autobuy is 60 USD and if she's not sold until monday I'll go with the...
  3. ScottBunny

    The Adventures of Scottbunny and Erisaurus

    Hey all! I wanted to share with you our webcomic: The Adventures of Scottbunny and Erisaurus. It is a comic based (mostly) off of the shenanignas that entertainers Scott and Eris get into on the convention circuit. We have been traveling the country entertaining the masses, and finally decided...
  4. bomo

    Adoptables for auction/sale + YCH paintings!

    Hi there - I'm looking to start selling adoptables, as I do a lot of character design that I never use for anything and I'd love them to get used. I've got four bird designs here and I'm doing the auction itself on DA. The birds are a pelican lifeguard, a peacock, a lil owl and a white pheasant...
  5. C

    Inflation Bunny

    This my first Inflation art and I hope you guys like it! www.furaffinity.net: Inflation Bunny by Crazydaisy The link to my artwork
  6. BrittanyBoundBunny

    Hello! (='.'=)

    Hello everyone, I'm Brittany! I am a bunny fursona. I love being tied up and cuddled by other girls, human or furry. Feel free to message me! :) (\__/) (='.'=) ΞΞΞΞ ΞΞΞΞ (")=(")
  7. SnowVampire

    Great art at Affordable Prices,My Commissions are Open!

    Hello If your interested please fill my form that is below the paragraph Price may change based on complexity I accept PayPal My email is snowvampire@outlook.com or note me on FA or DA (all the same user name snowvampire) FORM: Ref: What type of commission: Outfit ( if any ): NSFW or SFW...
  8. HoneyBonnieBunny

    $5 Chibi Adoptables!

    Each one is $5 payable through Paypal. If you're interested just comment or send me a message. If you adopt one feel free to change their gender, or small details like eye color, horns, accessories, etc. But please credit me the first time you use them. Thank you for reading! :)
  9. HannahHurst

    Lil' Bun Bun (OPEN AUCTION)

    AUCTION: (ends 24 hours after last bid) Starting Bid: $20 Bid increase amount minimum: $3 AB: $100 **I will NOT hold characters anymore for others, I am sorry. : ( Please only say you will buy if you have the money/points at that current time. It isn't fair to others who would want the...
  10. NerdyMunk

    I've got a hun bun...

    And I'd like more stuff on his page, particularly the 'color'-ful type, whether it be flat or shaded. I'm not looking for so much of anything besides it being colored (so basically anything goes except scat, vore, and piss stuff). Here are his references which are clean and mature/NSFW.
  11. dangerouslygooey

    Looking for possible art trades.

    This is just a sort of sketch I made for this. I'm looking for some people to art trade. Mostly looking for vore content but if I like your style enough I might just do a cute couple thing. Must be willing to draw a m/f couple. I'm just really looking for art of me and my sweetheart. :) this...
  12. furryfilth

    Names for Bunnies and Dutch Angel Dragons?

    I'm making two new character and I find that I can create the design a lot easier when I have a name in mind, sooooo.. what would you name a dutch angel dragon and Bunny? Both are female, they have no concept design or personality yet, so just fire out those names!
  13. Deer_Love

    Bunny Adopt!

    I am auctioning away a cute little bun for anyone to buy! Starting price is $15 or highest bid! This auction ends 6/21 or until it is bought on other social media ♥ More info here: www.furaffinity.net: Rabbit Adopt! by Deer_Love
  14. IrishG

    Bunny Reference Sheet

    Help! I am looking for a free female rabbit reference sheet. Doesn't need to be fancy, just need something that I can use to figure out the colors that I want before requesting fursona art. Please help, I am having zero luck.
  15. Ninitard

    Coote bunny adoptable *Open*

    Hii hiii everyone! Just came by to share my most recent furry. A little bunny. She's up for adoption~ She's $30 I'm also opened for commissions in this style! Varies from $6-$60 Hope you enjoy her. If interested just comment below! ^^ Enjoy~
  16. Meowmixx101

    Moondancer Adoptable Auction

    Hi everyone! She's looking for a good home. Full info and bidding is in this link: www.furaffinity.net: Dancing Moon Auction by Meowmixx101 Starting price is 80
  17. NerdyMunk

    Secondary Character Intro - Harold Tuft.

    I'm not sure if this thread does character intros anymore, but here's mine - Harold Tuft - Reference(s) done by DuckyDeathly. - Here is his main page - - And his mature NSFW reference - And believe me, I know what he looks like, but he is not a femboy, at one point he was drawn with boobs, NSFW...
  18. LukaAmero

    Gay Romance Anyone? :3

    I'm looking for a literate roleplayer interested into making a romance between my bunny and some kind of carnivore considering they would normally be a meal. www.furaffinity.net: My Adopted Character~<3 by LukaAmero This is my character Tafer a little cutie if I do say so myself. Please...
  19. Bone_Bunny

    selling a bunny head gas mask

    hey there all I'm kinda new to this but i have a bone bunny gas mask up for auction. I've read a few threads that say this is the link (http://forums.furaffinity.net/forums/86-Furry-Trading-Post) to post things about fursuits and what not but it doesn't work. so until I'm corrected I'm throwing...
  20. C

    Claiming The Chanterelle and May Life - Psycho Bunny in a Psychedelic World

    A bit of a sensational title, but you clicked didn't you? Why not click again, on the link below, and check out The Chanterelle and May Life, a comic about an adorably deranged pink bunny, May, and her best friend, Chanterelle the Cow as they embark on surreal, hyper-violent adventures in a...