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business practices

  1. R

    Tips to help me improve and get commissioned

    Greetings, I don't know where exactly to post this and apologies if it's the wrong forum, but I'm wondering why, despite thousands of views on some of my images and (imo) passable drawing skill, I have yet to get a person to commission me. I would really like to make some money off of my...
  2. PercyD

    Content Creation as a Business [Business Nerds Unite!]

    So! I am with a new group called the Fireside Cooperative, a bunch of artists coming together to build a community and share resources. I saw this vid during my breakfast and I shared it with them over at our server. I wanted to share it here too since I was interested in hearing from a few...
  3. SLCMedia

    Answering Art Business Questions

    Hey there! I'm Timeenforceranubis (Userpage of Timeenforceranubis -- Fur Affinity [dot] net). I run She's Lost Control Media (Userpage of SLCMedia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net), which is a small business planning consultancy for fandom artists. What that means is I help artists in fandom spaces...
  4. reptile logic

    Questions involving current sales practices, not art/furry specific

    Is this becoming a new trend that I need to take into consideration when conducting a sale? Case in point; a small sale, 1or 2 books. The setting, a strip mall store in the Seattle metropolitan area: I enter a business and proceed with my transaction. There are no other customers in the store...