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bust commissions

  1. Wheeze

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) LOTS OF OPTIONS! Icons, refs, illustrations, animations, and more!

    hey yall im back open for commissions! wanna help me pay rent by getting neat art of your characters?? well here's your opportunity! WHAT I OFFER: icons chibis (three options!) busts half bodies full bodies ref sheets short looping animations telegram stickers sfw + nsfw furries, animals...
  2. SpaceyShiba

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Busts for $8.00 USD! (Normally $10.00)

    Hello everyone I'm SpaceyShiba and I am hosting a sale on my shoulders up busts for $8.00 USD! Payment is via PayPal, where I will write you an invoice! You can choose expression, character of any species, and any clothes if applicable! WIPS are available! Sketch is sent to you for approval...
  3. Sanaclae

    (Commission) Selling: Icon/bust commissions for $7 !

    Hey! I'm happy to announce I'm opening commissions! The money I earn with them will be spent in helping my mom with the house since I'm unemployed, - I will draw: furry (any species), human, canon characters, OCs. I can try NSFW. - I won't draw: mecha, things that make me uncomfortable, very...
  4. Spritz-PuppyShark

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions ($20-$60)

    Hello! I'm selling art commissions (accepting payment via PayPal). I can draw anything including animals, anthros, humans, NSFW, gore, chibi, etc. My prices are: Bust- $20 Fullbody- $30 Ref Sheet (2 sided with detail box)- $60 Scene- $60+ (depending on complexity) Here is a link to my portfolio...
  5. Pokinha

    (Commission) Selling: 30usd busts

    I'm offering 30usd bust commissions! Hello everyone. I've been studying hard recently and i finally feel ready to start taking commissions. I've come up with the following terms: The client can DM me here, on twitter or via email explaining what he wants, preferably with refference pics +...
  6. mmuted

    (Commission) Selling: Dragon Busts - 10 Slots (15$)

    Hey folks! Kind of new to the community but I need to get my name out a little so I'm advertising my sale here too. To keep things tidy, please post your comments/claims on my original post in my gallery. Thank you for your time!
  7. Val_Redwolf

    LF Profile picture for new Sona

    Hello! I was just looking to see if someone might be able to do a somewhat detailed profile avatar image for a new sona I am making. Price Range: $20-30 USD (Paypal) Time Requirement: As soon as possible. Format: A bust style profile picture (Head, Chest, Shoulders) looking for something...
  8. DinoBird

    A5 Headshots/busts and badges- starting from $8!

    Hi there everyone! I currently have two slots open for A5 headshot/bust commissions at introductory prices of £6/$8 each (alternatively, they can be turned into badges and be laminated and backed for £9/$12). They are done in traditional media and can be posted out both within the UK and...