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bust portrait

  1. SpaceyShiba

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Busts for $8.00 USD! (Normally $10.00)

    Hello everyone I'm SpaceyShiba and I am hosting a sale on my shoulders up busts for $8.00 USD! Payment is via PayPal, where I will write you an invoice! You can choose expression, character of any species, and any clothes if applicable! WIPS are available! Sketch is sent to you for approval...
  2. Pokinha

    (Commission) Selling: 30usd busts

    I'm offering 30usd bust commissions! Hello everyone. I've been studying hard recently and i finally feel ready to start taking commissions. I've come up with the following terms: The client can DM me here, on twitter or via email explaining what he wants, preferably with refference pics +...
  3. yodelingbees

    (Commission) Selling: Bust & Plushie Comms Open! $35-80+

    Hello everyone, I'm Claude! I'm a plushie maker and illustrator with commission slots open! I'm currently saving up for new glasses (LOL) and Christmas gifts for my family this year I have custom plushie commissions (14 in. tall) starting at $80 plus S&H! All plushies ordered and paid for by...
  4. Teal_Avokado

    Inky Wind - 17 usd - 2 slots open!

    Hello to everyone! I'm traditional artist from Russia (NY time + 9 houres) and I offer you a little bottle of ink. What I can draw - everything and everyone, until people. Also I can add color accent! And I can send you a material original work for an additional fee ^^ Working only for USD...
  5. acid8erry

    (Commission) Selling: (5 slots left) colored bust commissions ($12 each)

    hi! im taking another 5 slots bust commissions in the style shown in most recent pieces in this thread (more detailed shading - hence the slight price bump), can draw any species (furry, anthro, humans) i always send the sketch beforehand - after accepting the sketch i send you an invoice...
  6. WhimsyVonGrimm

    Art Advice

    I feel like I'm stuck at my current style D: any advice on what I can improve or change? Art for Pru on Amino by me <3
  7. Mobius Katchmar

    Looking for lineart - Anthro character and small feral animal ($10 budget)

    Hello commissioners. Today, I'm asking for an image of this character with the pictured animal around his shoulders: I'd like the animal to be on the man's shoulders in this sort of pose: I'd also be okay with it being a chest-up portrait, the main focus is the man's head and the animal with...
  8. redbettabirb

    $5 bust commissions! Limited slots!

    Taking 20 limited slots of flat sketch busts I will need: Coloured ref of characters being drawn, brief description of character and any desired emotion wanting to be expressed. Will do: - anthro and human - animal/ feral forms - nsfw (but excluding genitalia) Wont do: - anything explicit -...
  9. zombietoes

    Easter YCH! Cute + SFW

    Bid here -> www.furaffinity.net: Easter YCH! by Zombietoes
  10. metatem

    MetAteM commissions

    Heya, I am looking to do some commissions for people. £5 headshots. £10 full body. I have more examples if you want to see them.
  11. DiscoPanda123

    Calling all Angel Dragons looking for art

    Hey A.D lovers Do you have a character that you really want art of??? I am currently selling my talent in the form of Badge/Bust Comms and YCH's as of now I have unlimited Badge slots (unless I get overwhelmed) I have 1 YCH that's currently up and Still open and one that's in the works and about...
  12. gokusan

    Taking Commissions

    I'm currently taking commissions for the following. Bust/Headshot: $10.00 USD Fullbody Flatcolor: $15.00 USD Fullbody Shaded: $20.00 USD Base price is single character only. Additional characters in same image are +$5.00 each. I can do any species and they may be anthro or feral...
  13. Yonk

    Drinksona and Other Commissions Now Open! (see link)