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bust shot

  1. SpaceyShiba

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Busts for $8.00 USD! (Normally $10.00)

    Hello everyone I'm SpaceyShiba and I am hosting a sale on my shoulders up busts for $8.00 USD! Payment is via PayPal, where I will write you an invoice! You can choose expression, character of any species, and any clothes if applicable! WIPS are available! Sketch is sent to you for approval...
  2. EN1GMAT1C

    Free Art: Taking Character Busts!!

    HEY KIDS, what is UP!! I'm taking drawing requests, will be drawing busts of peeps characters. I need updated commission examples to use for later, If you are ok with your character being displayed as such then welcome! I'm EN1GMAT1C on FA, and my sites are at enigmatic-art.com if you're curious...
  3. Pokinha

    (Commission) Selling: 30usd busts

    I'm offering 30usd bust commissions! Hello everyone. I've been studying hard recently and i finally feel ready to start taking commissions. I've come up with the following terms: The client can DM me here, on twitter or via email explaining what he wants, preferably with refference pics +...
  4. IlCrowDeAPrenestina

    Quick sketches B/W, greytones

    Hi! I've a few slots open for quick sketches in B/W and grey tones, like the ones below! 25$ bust 35$ full body I might decide to up the prices if your OC has a lot of details, but we'll discuss it!
  5. Galzar

    Looking for someone to do either bustshot or ref-sheet of stocky lion | 40$

    Heya! So I'm kinda new to this whole deal, and I see all these people with amazing avatars or something to base their fursona on... So I though I should be one of those people too! I'm looking for someone that wants to draw a classical lion (no lion king style though, please) that's quite...
  6. drawbrah

    Commissions OPEN (5-15 USD)

    Hey! I'm taking commissions; there are 10 slots. Prices go from $5 to $15 as seen beneath (some of the examples are quite old tho): Here are some recent examples of commissions I did: If you're interested in furry examples, write me on PM I guess; same for NSFW stuff :) If you want...
  7. Plentyblush

    $15 Colorful Bust shots

    Hey all! I started these about a month ago and want to add to the collection. Here's my twitter and FA accounts so you can get a hold of me if interested-- I'll check here for comments as well.