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  1. Wheeze

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Updated Art Commissions! Many styles, many options!

    hey guys it's been a while since i made an updated commissions thread so i figured it was time especially since i adjusted my prices ^^ i'm trying to do this full time so any help i get is welcome and appreciated! -- Each commission has five style options: style 1 (simple cartoony; base...
  2. cerulean_blues

    (Commission) Selling: Cerulean's digital comssions! (5$+)

    Hi guys! Come on in and take a look around! If you see something that catches your eye, or have something you want done but aren't sure about pricing, feel free to message me! :D All payment is through paypal, with all or part of the payment due before delivery. Thanks for looking!
  3. knifewolf

    (Commission) Selling: $25 Shaded Bust Commissions

    ♥ Shaded bust commissions are open! ♥ • Any Gender/Species | $25 each • Unlimited Slots • Completion time is 1-2 days DM me here or my Furaffinity to claim a slot! ( knifewolf. ) ^LINK IS NSFW^
  4. Mandala-Moons

    (Commission) Selling: $25 Busts! Finished Within 24 Hours!

    Hello! I'm a little bit of a new furry artist, but I wanted to offer some busts just to kind of test the water before opening a full commission sheet! I pride myself on being able to work well and efficiently, and in doing so, I can easily finish these within 24 hours of receiving your...
  5. NingoDingo

    Sketch Special and Commissions Open

    *I’ve been feeling down lately, so I decided I need to do more art. All sketches until further notice are $5. I can probably do about 10 a day. I am fast, I am very fast. You can also choose between digital, graphite, or ink. Also, I've posted here only once before so please be gentle with me...
  6. Alkraas

    Open For Digital Commissions - 3 Slots

    Alkraas' Commissions --------------------------------------------------------- Hello and welcome! My artist's name is Alkraas and I would like to offer my services! I can draw both, ferals and anthros, my turn around time is usually 2-6 days up to a month maximum! Since I want to draw exactly...
  7. milkrainn

    ✿ milk's summer-themed bust commissions! ✿

    hello, everyone! i'm milk & i am currently accepting $30 summer-themed bust commissions to help pay for rent this summer as i am a recently unemployed art teacher! for these busts, you may pick (or combine) one of the 3 themes for your character!! or... if you don't want any of these themes...
  8. MissMink

    Taking Requests to Help Me Improve! (CLOSED)

    Hey all! So it's been a while since I've drawn anthro art and I figured what better way to get back into the game, improve my portfolio, and hopefully make some new friends then offer some free art? :-D I guarantee absolutely nothing, but I hope to do some head shots/busts either as sketches or...
  9. frizzled

    $5 headshot comms-2 slots left

    Hi, I'm a new artist here taking $5 headshot comms. Here's an example of the first one of three! Details: -Slots for 2 more -SFW only (I mean, its a head so I'm not too worried. No gore tho.) -Must have clear visual ref--if not, will be turned down -Payment via Paypal, and must be received...
  10. Leoclare

    Basic Commissions

    Recently joined Furaffinity, and was looking to do some commissions to raise some money for a new tablet! I'm working on examples after I submit this, but in the mean time I can be found on deviantart: leoclare.deviantart.com Looking to do busts and/or fullbody with a simple...
  11. kitschykatschy

    Kitschy's Bust Commission Thread!

    Hey all! I'm Kitschy, your average 19yo digital hobbyist. I'm opening myself up for commissions, so here are a few important things you should know: IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMISSIONING I may or may not do NSFW, depending on the work itself. Mild fetishes can be acceptable if not too...
  12. pantheraliam

    New artist, first time commissions. $10 full-color traditional headshots/busts.

    Hey there! My name is Liam and I am brand new to the community. I am kicking off my first round of commissions with $10 full-color/shading traditional headshots and busts (examples below). Will do flat color for $5. DM me or hit me up on discord at pantheraliam#3845 if you are interested and I...
  13. Dendariiis

    Headshot/bust Paintings

    I'm offering painted busts starting at 10$ depending on complexity. Complex rams horns multiple eyes etc... will make the price go up. I can also design you a reptile (still only a bust) for an additional 10$. I will own the design however. Also working on Anthro art starting at 6$ I don't...
  14. S

    Help Syl Pay Her Internet Bill

    So, despite having paid 70 dollars of the bill, my internet provider wants another 60. A lot of you know that I've been having money problems the past two months and haven't been able to pay ANY of my bills, so they're all past due. My ISP don't play that shit, so if I don't give them 60...
  15. Kydashing

    Ky's Chibi Art Shoppe -- 3 Slots OPEN

    What i currently offer... Examples of each type of offered art... __Headshots__ Just lines, no coloring. (Fuzzy or thick) __________________________________________ Lines (Fuzzy or thick) comes with coloring, highlights and shading. Simple color/sticker backgrounds are free. Prices...
  16. SaruCharmed

    Face/avatar ($20+), bust/side profile ($40+), full body ($70+)

    Info on the different types of commissions I can do is here. Sorry I haven't posted more here. Most of my best examples are mature, but you can see them on the link below. Each submission featured on my commissions page also has links to other examples, and you can also check out my gallery...
  17. Mnyama

    Commissions Open! Check it out!

    I'm opening commissions. Prices and information is listed here: Commission Info for Mnyama -- Fur Affinity [dot] net And examples are on my page as well. I'm willing to draw literally anything, so don't worry about that part. If you want any details or extra info, feel free to message me and...
  18. estiniens

    $10-15 Sketch Busts

    Hello! I'm opening up some sketch commissions because I could use a little bit of cash and I like to get some creative inspiration. I'm currently opening FIVE SLOTS and once these are filled I won't be taking any more, sorry!! EXAMPLES; Each sketch will be done in the style shown below...
  19. slurku

    .: Slurku's Commissions :.

    .:Basic Commission Info:. ★ please provide clean clear refs 2-3 max ★Payment is up front and Paypal only ★ Everything is fully rendered ★ My art style is stylized and Expressive though anatomy is priority I do not do realism! ★ I draw a lot of stuff, but my strengths are: Dragons, Wolves, Big...
  20. elenawing

    Ferals, anthros, humans oh my! [$10+]

    Howdy All! I'm pleased to say commissions are now open ! I can do feral or anthro characters in a serious or cute/fluffy style. I'm open to new ideas so if you have an idea not on my commission list below, please get in touch! You can either PM me and see further art examples at Userpage of...