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  1. Anfani

    (Commission) Selling: Special December calender Event (Pay what you want)

    Hello everyone! I would like to offer a special event upcoming for december, which involves small commissions - I plan on running a calender from the 1st to the 24th of December, where everyday there is a slot open for a character. I will most likely keep them at being fully coloured bustshots...
  2. ditta_ragdoll

    Art stream! many more slots| open|Bust shots

    I'm gonna do another art stream! Smol patch of rules however. If you have gotten a request out of me before, and someone else wants the slot, the person who has not gotten yet will get priority. Level of color/ time/ devotion depends upon my energy as these will be freebies. Stream will...
  3. ChapperIce

    $5 for head $10 for body

    Hey y'all. After a few years off, I got back into furry again (I keep trying to leave but they keep PULLING ME BACK IN!) "What're ya sellin'?" All listings include two versions of the same picture: One with a simple or solid background (See example for the simple bg) and a transparent...
  4. Yvvki

    High Quality Art! 5$ - 25$ USD

    Hello there people. I am Yvvki, A fun loving red panda! I just got my diploma for graphic design and am in the makings of looking for work! If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! I'm extremely friendly. Lineart: All Lineart will have no color added. Headshots - 5$US Full art...