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  1. OverFurry

    Hiring: 3d model with VrChat/vTuber rigging (Can go up to and above $1000)

    I'm looking for a 3d model of either of these characters (attached images) The price range isn't really a issue for me. I am NOT looking for a low-poly style. If you are wanting to suggest yourself to commission please show some similar characters you have done in the past. Since I state in the...
  2. kiwiisastalker

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (set price) Anthro Unicorns, Kemonomimi Bunnies, and more

    I'm new here, please forgive any mistakes I might make... (and let me know if you see any so I can correct them!) Carousel Unicorns: 75 USD (paypal only) Kemonomimi Bunnies: 50 USD (paypal only) Symmetry base adopts: 30 USD (paypal only) White Cat Pink Swallowtail Street Fox For a...
  3. Evok Studios

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Queen Butterflay - Adopt: $65

    ADOPT MADE BY EVOK STUDIOS > PRICE: $65 each one. www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable Butterfly by EvokStudio - Each adopt include chibi design, wings design and full color bust. -~I'll send the version without watermark once you've paid~ ~RULES~ *Don't retracting buy *ONLY Paypal acepted *Make...
  4. Erhena

    It is my... art ♫ (Thanks for the music Bones Jaw'ies )

    Hi Every one ! I'm hope you are okay :D ! So i created this tread to show you my works and to have some advices ! So this is some work with my Neya (white wolf half demon and angel) ,my Elie (my steampunk wolf ) ! and Lucius (grey fox and poxy's OC) Lucius and Neya - Japanese estampe Elie...
  5. C

    Check out my Fursona "Brummington the Chipmunk"

    I Have Made a New Fursona Up, is a Chipmunk named "Brummington", who's wants to look? www.furaffinity.net: Rude Chipmunk Fart (c) by GrayBlueStudios www.furaffinity.net: Brummington's Booty (Commission) by Leemur_O_Fluff www.furaffinity.net: Brummington the Chipmunk's Bee-sting Butt ~BSting by...
  6. orum

    Different adopts for sale 5-20$

    OPEN ADOPTABLES You can find my other artwork here: Userpage of orum -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Payments only through Paypal. To buy any of them note me on FA or make a conversation here. I also do custom adopts on any of theese bases for the same price. Cats, 6$ each. From left to right: 1...
  7. Kewu

    Snake shed/Butterfyl wing Pendant

    Hey everyone :) me and my girlfriend make beautiful Pendants with Butterfly wings, or snake shed :) you can find them at our Facebook page :) just write us which color you want, from the wing or shed and we will do them for you. :) None of the butterflies where killed or harmed for this. :)...