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  1. Ravofox

    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    There have been a couple of 'would you push the button' threads springing up recently. So I thought, why not make a game out of it? Here, you decide on, if there was a big fat red button in front of the user above you, what would happen if they pressed it. Good luck.
  2. S

    [BETA] No Back or Next Buttons When Viewing Art In Gallery??

    So I recently changed to the BETA version of FA and I can't believe it's not being advertised on the front page to let people know it's even there and to try it out. Because it's pretty damn amazing. It just feels so much more modern and is just overall a more visually pleasing set up. And yet...
  3. bhutrflai

    Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis???

    So, Okami just had a fluke on his phone & I thought it would make a good thread... Pick a button on your autofill & press it 20 times. Same button, 20 times. Easy peasey, right? This should be pretty good. I'll start it off... I am very interested to know if I had a great time. The next...
  4. MEDS

    Dislike Button

    So far, I've really liked the "like" button on posts, but recently I've had a hard time expressing my disapproval for some posts. There have been several recent situations where users could have simply "disliked" a post rather than expressing their entire opinion of the post and driving the...