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buying commission

  1. EagleEye0001

    LF Artist For Ref Sheet

    Hey there, Like my title implies, I'm looking for an artist to do a ref sheet or even a single reference image for a new raccoon character of mine, and possibly others depending on how my finances go. The character is slightly NSFW by default with curves and a general suggestive nature so an...
  2. Jen73

    Hiring: Looking to commission new SFW/NSFW Ref Sheet. Price range 25-150$ but is negotiable.

    Hi there! I'm in the market for my first Ref Sheet, and would love to talk with any of you talented artists about making my dream a reality! What I'm Looking For: Reputable artists with previous Ref Sheet experience able to display their work in order to find my fit. Reasonable time...
  3. Rift Quest

    Seeking artist for NSFW commissions (closed)

    Hello everyone. Im new to furaffinity, mostly over at Deviantart where i am already buying a nsfw fantasy comic with some furries in it. However i thought that i would also move my comic over to Furaffinity and buy some commissions from artists who are more focused on furries than people over...
  4. Timothy Vyper

    Hiring: Looking For New Icon! Budget $35 [CLOSED]

    I am looking at getting a new icon for my social media, hoping to add some glasses to my character in this icon. Please see some of my references below. Ref Sheet: www.furaffinity.net: My Ref Sheet by Timothy_Vyper Other References:
  5. Nahawk

    Hiring: Looking for NSFW artists, 15-35$!

    Heya. Kinda new to this so sorry for that, lol. I'm looking for someone willing to draw felines. (Anthro) I am specifically looking for someone to draw light bdsm stuff (Handcuffs, collar). Would be two very simple characters. I could go a bit higher with the budget if I really like something...
  6. Angellothefox

    Birthday commission NSFW I wanna GIVE YOU MONEY!

    My B-day is coming up and I want to pay an artist to do an NSFW picture. You must be. A. Open minded B. Not mind drawing NSFW material. I am looking for something in the range of £6.00 or bellow. Also, may I remind your minimum price is $5, Those are not my request or rules those are the FA...
  7. Syryth

    Up to $30 for NSFW Mech bits doodles/sketches

    Tldr; I have apantasia (close your eyes and imagine a beach. What did you see? I saw nothing). I can see the $30 left on a credit card though and I badly want to re-start a project. I need concept art (page of) mecha/robot/droid NSFW bits. I tried, I failed. Be my hero. I will spend up to $30...