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  1. impendingsenseofdoom

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Emergency Sale! $15 Traditional Drawings

    Hey there, I'm offering $15 Traditional Sketch Commissions for a very limited time! Starting today and ending on 11/16 Here's a list of the type of drawings I'll do and some stipulations I'll do SFW and NSFW I will add some color to simple designs, more complex ones will be black and white...
  2. Zel_____

    $15 B&W Symmie Icons

    Hey everyone! These have been selling like hotcakes on Telegram so I figured I'd open them up here, too. These are all black and white with one accent color, usually for the eyes but you can choose something else if you want. Any expression and character is fine...
  3. vinfamy

    23 Black and White Furry Portraits

    Hi all, Made this in preparation for a furry dating simulation game that I'm working on. Artwork Gallery for vinfamy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Your feedback will be much appreciated!
  4. 11Sharn11

    Couple picture, SFW, Budget of $100+ (Flexible!)

    Hi everybody! I'm currently searching for an artist to commission my two characters, Wolfsiege and Sharn (Both seen here: 11Sharn11 on Toyhouse ) for a couple picture styled around that of a photography session! I'd love to have it styled around a retro, 50's pose/expression set, similar to the...