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  1. ~Wolf_in_the_Mask

    Main Site 24-hour clock format, please!

    Greetings! I am not sure if I am just unable to find it or if this indeed isn't a thing somehow, but FurAffinity forces me to either use the "a day ago" or "Nov 3, 2020 12:14 AM" time format, and I find both inconvenient; month precedes the day and you have these mysterious marking "AM" and...
  2. Bella Green

    (Other) Selling: 2020 Floral Calendar [$15ea preorder]

    Hey there! I'm selling preorders for my 2020 floral-themed calendar. It'll have my female characters paired with themed flowers each month. My art is a hobby I love, but horticulture is a passion. I've got a GoFundMe page started for preorders/donations, if you send me your order information...
  3. PercyD

    Would you be interested in a 2020 Pinup Calendar?

    Our artist cooperative wants to create a (very cute) pinup calendar for 2020! The calendar would feature different characters of different persuasions in "cheesecake" and cheeky seasonally themed poses. We are thinking about making the calendar $45, where you would get: 12 pieces of art with...
  4. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Charity Calendars, T Shirts - Only 40 hours left!

    Majira Strawberry, and about 20 other fursuiters, have an Indiegogo charity campaign to support Last Chance Corral, and their efforts to rescue horses and foals! They are offering fursuit photo calendars and T shirts, but only until June 8! They're at 97% of their goal, with less than 2 days...