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  1. LizardKing05

    How do you keep it together?

    How do you stay calm when you're stressed out? I usually zone out and stare at trees outside my window. Yet I'm curious to know what others do to deal with life (especially during these troubling times). Btw this is not my window, just an image from google.
  2. nikolai_resnov

    The calm before the storm (open rp)

    (relationships are encouraged but not required, but i hope all have fun) The world is in a mass turmoil friends and neighbors become enemies as countries turn against each other. The world just needs one spark to enter into an all out war but even in this time there is still one shop run by a...
  3. Tiemus Enteles

    Rawr! :3

    Hallow! :3 I am a very young feral dragon (18 years of age, human years). I am a Lapidenodon, this does not mean much to people other than me being a near-noodly dragon with no wings, which it almost completely describes the definition of a Lapidenodon. My scales are made of metal and stone (now...