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  1. Kope

    What’s the best place to move to in Canada?

    Low living cost and nearby fur conventions would be nice. (Maple syrup and moose are a plus, too!)
  2. TyraWadman

    [ABANDONED] Fallout, Canada | The RP

    CHARACTER APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! Welcome to the Official Fallout Canada Thread! Please see Fallout | Character Pages | Fur Affinity Forums for to get filled in on all the important details. It includes a Synopsis- a brief paragraph on the current going-ons so that newcomers will be at least a...
  3. TyraWadman

    Fallout | Character Pages

    SYNOPSIS [OPEN] Fallout, Canada | The RP (Under Construction) | Fur Affinity Forums The Map (So Far)
  4. pascalthepommie

    Canadian PSA's

    Any Canadian Furries have a favourite PSA? Like this one from the earl 90's
  5. Friendly_Trash_Panda

    Free Art: Cartoons for Canucks (Claimed)

    Hi all! As the subject line suggests, I'm looking to do up some cartoon sketches for some furry folks. The catch is that you must reside somewhere in Canada. I know you all have some wonderful characters waiting on the benches, but my goal is to find and follow more Canadian furs. So if you...
  6. Shadowprints

    Red deer mini con october 25th - 27th

    Anyone going to this event? Its later in the month in red deer alberta, canada. Mite b cool
  7. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Furry Events Website 4 Your Area!

    Is their a website devoted to Furry Events around where you live?! Post it here, and help the new furs meet the local furry community! If you don't have one, somebody ought to start one, eh?! For instance, less than a month ago, a new events site was created for us Alberta Furs, allowing...
  8. JadenJackal

    Advice for young furs goin to a con alone.

    This year im going to be going to my second con but this time alone, last time I dragged my sister along so I wouldn't be alone, I had tons of fun but was super shy and was to intimated to talk to any other furs. This year I'll be going to canfurence alone, im just a little nervous cause im a...
  9. Ancert.Reovolt

    Cameraman for hire

    Camera man commissions for Fursuiters available. $22.00 per day plus the cost of a 32gb SD card per camera (please provide brand new cards only). Available in Toronto. Transportation assistance required if you are filming elsewhere. It doesn't matter how many subscribers you have on your...
  10. atlantiarai

    New kid on the block here to say "Hello!"

    As the title states, I'm a new kid on the block! Just joined today. I'll be lurking for a long time I'm sure, but did want to throw a little intro out there. :) I'm a chef by day, hoarder/crafter by night. I love making and sewing creations, styling cosplay wigs, drawing. You name it, I've...
  11. F

    Any northern Ontario furs

    im looking for local furs in Timmins area
  12. S

    Canadian Furry Discord Server

    A discord server for Canadian Furries. We have various channels including art channels, Gaming channels, etc. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers We are still fairly new, so not many members yet.
  13. Inferno

    Belleville Pride 2017 (ONTARIO, CANADA)

    Pride is coming to Belleville, Ontario! When: Saturday, June 10th @ 12pm EST [Parade begins at 11am EST] Where: West Zwick's Island Park 10 Bay Bridge Road Belleville, Ontario k8P 4T9 Canada **FREE ADMISSION - ALL AGES** **FURSUITERS WELCOME - WE'VE HAD SOME IN THE PAST** Come on out for a...
  14. A

    Hello FA People

    I figured since Iv already posted a little bit and graduated from lurking its time I make an introductory post. I'am a gay middle class white male living in Canada, I'am 25 years old as of this post and I just finished college, and as a result just started working as a pharmaceutical...
  15. ChapterAquila92

    Military fur reporting for duty

    Greetings to all! My name's Liam, I'm 23 years old, and I've been involved with the Furry Fandom for about 9 years as of this post. I'm originally from the Ottawa region - born and raised - and am now living in BC as part of what has now been six years of military service thus far. My fursona...
  16. N

    Syrian refugees love Canadian Furries