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candy gore

  1. Kunda

    Fnaf Security Breach Adopt CLOSED

    Check them out on my profile
  2. Kunda

    HQ Male & Female Canine Anthro adopts

    Check them out on my fa
  3. N

    (Commission) Selling: Candy Gore Easter/Spring/420 themed YCHs!

    Hey so it's Easter (at least when I posted this haha) and I made some YCHs in a contest a few days ago, but now I'm leaving it up for sale for the rest of April and maybe a little bit into May! Full Body Fully Rendered/Shaded: $30 Cel-Shaded Half-Body: $25 Flat Color Half-body/Bust...
  4. Ekeios

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $35USD flat feline adopts

    Hiya I'm just here cuz I have some adopts I've been tryin to sell! Each are a flat $35 USD, which I will accept over paypal only. First come first served; please PM me on FA to claim! Larger image sizes are linked in the characters' theme title ! "Fallen" "Cinnamon Sugar" "Love Sick"
  5. PandashK


    Hey all! I'm currently hosting this YCH auction for Halloween! If you're interested please enter this link (moderate gore alert) Examples of my art:
  6. ftlmechhound

    First attempt at Candy Gore

    My first real attempt at doing candy gore that i'm pretty happy with but was curious what people think and if you got any tip or your own artwork feel free to share. FA - more of my stuff here if your interested
  7. Golden_Gummy

    Candy Gore Pixel YCH

    Im doing candy gore pixel YCH’s for $10-$20 usd through paypal. www.furaffinity.net: Candy Gore Pixel YCH by M14.H3nry
  8. LilGh0sty

    3 Freebies [closed]

    Umm, hi. I don't have anything in my gallery so if you like, I have three free slots open. These are first come, first served. Post your references and a theme. For example, your character and candy gore. I will comment with a thread closed comment when slots are full. Please dont note me for...
  9. Lapinpire

    Candy Gore/ Goo Freebs [Closed]

    Because I'm incredibly stressed out from the book release and gore calms me down. Lapinpire on FA Goo is okay too. This is nsfw If you don't know what it is, here are some examples: None of these are drawn by me: Kafeitoytle Aycee Puccaruu Rules: 1) single character only 2) must be a...
  10. Lapinpire

    Custom Oc Custom Meme

    Decided to try the custom OC meme. Please post comments on FA to keep them all in one place Post here
  11. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Let me draw your fursonas!

    Hey ya'll! I have commissions open, but I feel like I don't have enough good furry examples in my gallery for people to really be interested/notice. I'd love to draw your fursonas for you so that I can fill up my gallery a bit ^^ Just flat colored, simple designs please. I'm definitely more...
  12. VaurienVixen

    $6 Candy gore headshot badges

    I can do any species as long as You give Me Your ref sheet. You can choose blood/bone color and expression. Badges are drawn on sturdy sketchbook paper and laminated with transparent contact paper. price is $6 usd and that also covers the shipping. unless you live outside the us. paypal only.
  13. Lamipelt

    Looking too hire for 3 pieces (closed)

    Hello everyone, Im semi new to the forum but would like to commission 3 artist or maybe multiple from one artist depending on the style, please let me know which of the themes you would like to draw as not everyone might feel comfortable with the theme. The majority of the pictures will be up to...
  14. HoneyBonnieBunny

    Bunny's Commissions, Specializing in My Little Pony~

    I'd love to have some extra money for the summer, so this is an updated price/info post on my commissions! If you have any questions, or if you're interested just shoot me a message here or on the main site. Thank you for reading! ^^ Simple Characters & Ponies Lines/Crayon $10 Full...
  15. Aet

    AET Art, Adopts, YCH, And More

    Full Body (Some NSFW): Full Body Colored Chibi/ Smols: Lineart ~X~x~X~x~ Adoptable Babies Gallery of adopts here $10 YCH Slots Ahegao YCH Base Example Upskirt YCH Base Shibari YCH Base Example Example 2 Prices Full Body Colored - $20 YCH - $10 Lineart Full Body - $10 Chibi/ Smol -...
  16. GuroBurro

    I'm a Noob, Hi

    Hey, um, so yeah, my name's Dallas, a donkey/crocodile hybrid who is also a plush piñata filled with gummy gut candy. I like Candy Gore, soft vore, huge teeth, dinosaurs, crocodiles, etc. A little tidbit also is that I'm also the founder of Candy Gore/Vore May. Don't google it, I just came up...
  17. TayMalerei

    Show me your candy gore!

    Whether they were commissioned pieces or originals, I love the style and want to see some good examples for drawing my own, along with finding new people to watch! :)
  18. Aet

    Give Me Your Ladies

    Practicing NSFW, candy gore, pin ups, etc. Might do sketches, might do full colored, might not do yours at all. Post your ladies! Also down for trades!
  19. msgrandpabacon

    Full-Body Anthro Commissions SFW/NSFW ($5-$15) Sale~

    Hey there! Thanks for clicking on my thread. Once all of my slots have been filled I am going to raise my prices higher. There is 1 slot left. I am willing to draw most anything. Especially candy gore. $5 for a singular headshot/avatar. You will be provided with the original size of the...