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  1. I

    Selling old fursona

    She has over 50 pieces of art that equal well over $100 Price: $70 If you would like proof of all her art she is registered on toyhouse and i can link it if requested. Rules: -you must take off her ring necklace -some of her art includes her mate, you do not get him with her -this is for...
  2. MoonDance

    $5 YCH ;P

    I have a YCH open for female canines! Only $5 for a bust/halfbody that has some light shading. I also have some examples to show what it might end up looking like! Comment if you have any questions, if you're interested just pm me ;) The YCH^ Here's two examples!
  3. Sombry

    $20 NSFW YCH - Open

    www.furaffinity.net: Good Boy YCH - Open by babybrass (NSFW) Open YCH for $20 USD (via PayPal)! If bought, your character will be drawn in where the sketch is. The sketch is editable for feline characters as well. For $5 USD extra, you can also buy the dom character- but this is only available...
  4. Dinocanid

    "Dive", Feral Canine YCH Auction

    The auction ends when people stop bidding or someone autobuys it. There will be 4 done in total! One from weasyl, one from here (FA), and two from DeviantArt. DeviantArt deals do not cross over to the other sites. I will not accept cross-site winners! This means that if you win on, for example...
  5. werewolf-kun

    YCH Sale -- "Rookie Move"

    Your Character Here -- "Rookie Move" www.furaffinity.net: Rookie Move -- YCH by werewolf-kun This is a Spirits-themed YCH auction that I am hosting ! You get a chance at your character being trained by the mutant-hunter Mags. Although, there's a reason it's called training. This image will be...
  6. euthanizedCanine

    euthanizedCanine's Art

    Thought I'd start posting here again!! Just a few drawings from the last week c: Will update as I draw more This one has sound and is a SWF file so I can't bring it over here. and this most recent one isn't NSFW but it is suggestive so??
  7. E

    (Commission) Selling: ✪ Emmon's Art Shop ✪ - OPEN

    Notes: - Don't order if there are no slots open - Each drawing counts as one slot. - PRICES ARE IN USD - Payments are done via Paypal - I expect at least half of the payment before I start working on your commission and the other half once I'm done. If you are unsatisfied with my piece, I can...
  8. ToddWolf

    Werewolf/Canine YCH

    FOR CANINES ONLY (any canine character is welcome, I can redraw sketch according to your character) Only males Rules • Payment must be made within 24 hours after the auction's end. • Payment via Paypal. • Bids and payment in $USD • Minimal bid increase is 10$ • Post your bid as a reply to the...
  9. DeadliestVenom

    Auctions and Adopts, low prices!

    I have a few auctions going on at the moment and wanted to advertise them a little! :) Grey wolf, auction ends 3/13/2017 www.furaffinity.net: Grey Wolf Auction by DeadliestVenom Peach canine, auction ends 3/10/2017 www.furaffinity.net: Peach Auction by DeadliestVenom Werewolf, auction ends...
  10. BipolarWolfy

    Ych Commissions Starting at $10

    I will start off with selling one YCH headshot. i do have more if you are interested! Please stick to it being a canine. $10 Flatcolor EX: $25 Shaded +$5 Name Added YCH OPEN!
  11. samuraiswordz

    [Adopt] Seraphina - V-Day Angel themed [NSFW]

    Currently auctioning an adopt here~ [NSFW/Mature link] Please bid at that link! General Info: Starting Bid: $40.00 Auto Buy: $100.00 Auto Buy w/ Extra outfit chibi AND back view: $140.00 Rules: - Paypal and USD only - Payment must be within 24 hours - Once bought, the design is fully yours...
  12. Five

    Feral Canine Commissions

    _____________________________________________________________________ ~Welcome~ First let me set some rules/tos I would prefer if you PM me about the commission The payment is before i finish the work Please provide a clean ref,and exactly what...
  13. ReviWolfe

    Open and Active! --semi-realistic anthro's-- And more!

    Hello All~ The name's Revi Wolfe. I have finally returned to the paradise of creativity and the kingdom of anthropomorphs. Simple said, I have improved my techniques to a point I can say that I am greatly satisfied. Now it's time to go next level on FurAffinity! Yey~ Further into...
  14. K

    Canine Pantheon

    Greetings one and all. I am currently writing a story and I was making up religions for the various major anthro race types (canine, feline, lizard-folk, etc.). The main character is a wolf and one of his traveling companions is a cleric for the canine pantheon: The Divine Pack. The canine...
  15. Naosrain

    Some Art of Mine ^u^

    I will be posting art and WIPs that I have as I have them. I am hoping this can be a place where i can get some critiques so i can keep improving~
  16. Lousie

    Canine/Feline Headshot Commissions OPEN (7-25 €)

    Hello! I'm currently open for commissions of this type: (digital) lineart canine/feline headshot/head&bust (uncolored) -price: 7-10 € -Price depends on complexity of character and owner's requirements- negotiable :) -choice of expression available -choice of lines' color available - Example...
  17. Bruisesnbitemarks

    Art for Furvilla?

    //silently rages because the forum doesn't have the option to use comic sans// Hello there everyone who has been drawn in by the title! I'm here to offer anyone and everyone that is willing to draw for me a payment of the new site Furvilla's art! I am one of the beta testers and, as such, I...
  18. LouGarou92

    Second attempt at a fursuit head!

    Well since my GSD head got such a positive response, I'm going ahead and trying another head! This one is going to be a MUCH more stylized and toony coyote, that will likely end up as part of my personal suit. I am not finished with the foam work, but I'll post progress pics here as I work on...
  19. Distant Vampire

    Canine Artists

    I'm looking for artists to do some art of my characters. Interested in small references, headshots, or shoulders up images to be used in a play by post rpg. I'm looking for Feral art, even if the refs are anthro. Looking to stay in the 10-20$ range since I'm looking at getting a number of...
  20. mariKai

    NSFW Male YCH: $20 SET PRICE

    You can view the base here (NSFW warning): YCH OPEN: See Description for Details!! •Price• Set Price: $20 First come first serve! •Rules/Terms for Art• - Canine/Feline species preferred (essentially any character that would fit this base easily) - Male-bodied ONLY - Includes full colored...