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  1. AJ Woofless

    AJ's Trusty Glock

    www.furaffinity.net: AJs Trusty Glock by Torrent_Shark Everything is referenced, I promise, I'm aware of the left hand as well, don't bring it up please, I know what's up with it.
  2. daaiyah sims

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Valentine's dogs [4/6] OPEN

    early valentine doggos for your warm hearts! These are a very cheap batch of dogs for valenines day! Each cost $12.50 1.)Dark cupid (husky)- OPEN 2.)Suit and Tie date (Pitbull)- OPEN 3.)Chocolate covered strawberry (poodle)-OPEN 4.)Valentine present (Labrador)- OPEN 5.)The crush (corgi)-...
  3. aleksia

    (Other) Selling: Base female $ 15 for now

    you can see the base here www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] Base female $ 15 for now by Aleks_Pakaralex The basis of the base includes: - 8 Horns - 7 Earpiece - 8 Tailings - 2 Feet - 5 Faces - 7 Hair details you can see here www.furaffinity.net: details for the base by Aleks_Pakaralex – You will...
  4. Arlethallan

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Small Valentine themes YCHs

    Small valentine themed ych's for sale ! Each are $10 dollars each, and are going to be lined and flat colored when completed. Payment through paypal would be preferable :3 Pm me or comment below if interested. Can be made to telegram sticker specs if requested.
  5. Ship-Wreck

    Paint your own furry figurine - canine

    Hey y'all! I have launched a canine figurine base on Kickstarter! I have wanted to create these for a looooong time! The first figurine is a canine base, which will come in white to allow the user to paint it any way they want. Please check it out! Pledge if you can and share all over social...
  6. RomieTears

    Clear Sky Canine Adopt [$20 OPEN]

    Original post on FA can be found here! (I'll copy and paste the description.) www.furaffinity.net: Clear Sky Canine Adopt - $20 by RomieTears I was stuck on what to call this- Here's an adopt using the base I have recently made! Check it out in the link further down! The set price for this...
  7. RomieTears

    Adopt and Multi-Base Raffle!

    Hello all! I'm having a raffle on FA. The winner will receive the character in the following image, as well as the full canine/feline base set for FREE (valued at $15). If 30+ people enter the raffle, another winner will be picked to receive only the full base itself! It comes with: •4 ears •3...
  8. snoopeh

    Telegram Stickers NSFW and SFW

    Hey there! I'm on an art spree today and would also like to grab some telegram Stickers. Basically I'm after a 3-4 NSFW stickers and about 6 SFW stickers. I can go into detail with anyone interested about what exactly I would like. I'd like to spend about $5 per sticker, but I can do more...
  9. Ferrez

    Ref sheet $40 budget

    Hello, looking to gift a reference sheet for a friend getting their first character. Current knowledge of character is a very basic canine. Yellow dog/wolf type of character. Not sure on markings and specifics beyond that, I will put him in contact with you, let you two work out details and all...
  10. Wehtake

    Commission open!

    Heya! i'm taking few commissions slots for vacations. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to write me here or send me a note ~ Some examples : Price list : Quick Term of service : - I have the right to decline any order without giving a reason; -...
  11. julievee

    Illustration Artist [Closed]

    I am looking for an artist that would do a discounted scene piece for myself and 4 friends as a gift to them for Christmas. It's a surprise to them and a way of saying thank you to them for being involved in my character's story. However I am in a financial bind and I can't afford the usual...
  12. roido

    Black Friday Commissions SALE (CLOSED)

    Hello! I am offering a sale on chibis and full body commissions! Full bodies are 25$ each with 13$ per extra character Chibis are 8$ each with 5$ per extra character Ask about backgrounds and props Please read my terms of service HERE FULL BODY SLOTS: 0/2 CHIBI SLOTS: 0/2 Contact me...
  13. creepyeevee

    Commissions starting at $5

    Prices: Shaded headshot/bust: $5.00 can be transparent shaded fullbody: $8.00 can be transparent or with a simple bg Shaded fullbody with complex background: $15.00 (extra characters $2.00) --------- Once you order a commission I will show you a sketch, you can change anything at that...
  14. Sugardraw

    I'll draw your canine/feline OC's (SFW) CLOSED

    Hello! This is my first thread. I would like to improve my drawing skills and also get to know you guys here. I mostly draw feral but I will do anthromorphic characters also. (I need to practice) I prefer to draw canines! :p Post a reference picture of the OC you want me to draw and write how...
  15. A

    Anyone interested writing gng/gdw nsfw story

    So is here anybody who would be interested writing nsfw story with my white wolf Maxim and Akame from Ginga nagareboshi Gin?
  16. A

    I need help with my new sona!

    Hi everyone as you can see I need help with my new upcoming sona. I´m looking for good color schemes and compinations. My new character is male wolf named Maxim. Maxim has same kind of eye lines as Jinnai has in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, here´s example: ginga.wikia.com: Jinnai He has violet claws...
  17. Karibu

    Furry(canine/vulpine) Adoptables €8

    >>> Rules <<< - Please credit me in the description the first time you draw him, write "Design by @karibu99" - Do NOT resell (you may trade it or give it away for free) - You may change the color of the eyes and add accessories/scars (If you want to change anything else please ask me first)...
  18. T

    Want to play with a roman dog? Watch out he has a sword

    If looking for new people to roleplay with, i can do different stuff so just contact me in a conversation or send me your contact details (telegram, discord and such) and ill add you. Full name: Arminus Lucelian Pharsalus Nickname: Pharsalus. Sex/Gender: Male. Sexuality: Bi- slight male...
  19. tinypolecat

    A CHEAP canine-fullbody!

    I need $10 ASAP, so i'm doing this even though my commissions are closed they're normally $17, but i'm doing MAXIMUM 3 slots for $10 each (via paypal). Will be finished within 2-3 days depending on how many slots get claimed they will be lined, colored and simple shaded, like this;
  20. K

    [CLOSED] Looking for SFW refsheet <= $65

    Hey there, artists! I'm seeking a refsheet for a femboy dog I just adopted from katastrophi on FA. I'm particularly looking for a front + back view, and possibly add/change minor details that aren't seen in the attached image below. I'm willing to pay up to $65 via PayPal for this refsheet...