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  1. SlinshotPup

    Costuming Ideas (non-fursuit)

    **originally posted in the wrong forum*** Disclaimer - I am not a Furry so please forgive me if I get terminology wrong. I am looking for ideas/inspiration/designs for costumes that mimic dog breeds but are not full fur-suits. This is for a black-tie event with an "American Kennel Club" theme...
  2. SlinshotPup

    Non-Suit Canines

    Disclaimer - I am not a Furry so please forgive me if I get terminology wrong. I am looking for ideas/inspiration/designs for costumes that mimic dog breeds but are not full fur-suits. This is for a black-tie event with an "American Kennel Club" theme. They can use body suits, g-rated skin...
  3. Aaron U Pictus

    Wild Dog Drawing 2017

    Drew this in the beginning of 2017. My sona Aaron Uldar Pictus the Painted Dog in a rather moody light.
  4. MortemArts

    Reference Sheet Female! $45

    Ref sheet being sold for $45 can be feline or canine. Will be line art. I can do this reference sheet for you especially if this is a new OC without ref, we just gotta speak a lot over discord preferably. Can be shaded with no extra cost if you want it to. 3 SLOTS ONLY Paypal only, USD only Pm...
  5. lichcrow

    Big Character/Designs Giveaway

    Giving away some old characters/ designs I made in middle school, first come first serve, you can change the info/designs/species however you please once you've claimed! Pronghorn, iguana, fox, and bird anthros HERE! (non-sexual nudity content warning) lineart from here Pronhorn anthro: OPEN...
  6. wiinterfox

    holiday themed YCHs

    Made these holiday themed YCHs for 15€/$18!! If anyone's interested message me on deviantART or Fur Affinity! c: I am also open for other commissions (more info on my dA, FA pages)!
  7. Pinkaap

    Commissions Open! ~

    Hi! So I've got 5 commission spots open if anyone is interested! My prices range from $7 to $23. I make high-quality art and you will receive your commission in just a couple of days! You will also be getting progress shots in the process of me drawing it ~ fav.me: My Commission Prices Here...
  8. Pinkaap

    Little Pumpkin Tail cutie! SB- $8

    SB - $8 (I won't take art for him) He's a forrest dweller that feeds on little kids he snatches who get lost. His tail is actually the evil one, but in the day he's really sweet and loves caring for people. His tail only comes alive at night when the moon is full and the area is misty. He was...
  9. kittyskeleton

    Icon Sale!!! ($10-$15 USD)

    Hello! My name is Dante/Kitty, and I'm currently having a sale on icons!!!~ Sketchy ones like these are just $10*: Completed ones like these are only $15*: And, for just $5 extra, I will record my process, set it to music of your choice, and upload it to my Youtube channel...
  10. Pinkaap

    Art Trades!

    Hello! I'm looking for people to do art trades with that are on my lvl more or less! I want to make some friends on here XD and get to know people more www.furaffinity.net: Commission - by Pinkaap www.furaffinity.net: ~ErisAlien~ Trade by Pinkaap
  11. ProjectDuska

    Expression Help?

    Hi! My name is Duska, and I'm new to this site, so I apologize if I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, for a while now, I've been having trouble drawing expressions on my animal characters. I'm not sure really what I'm doing wrong, but I can't achieve the correct facial expression in any of my...
  12. KynRen

    Headshot YCH- 13$ (magical theme)

    Magic- 13$YCH (paited/semi painted/lineart) - YCH.Commishes -only canine characters -can add any accessories/features, as long as it's not too ridiculous -can make it in a painted or lineart style (you can choose) -payment only via Paypal- I'll send a request -AB is 30$ -THE WINNER HAS TO...
  13. Yakamaru

    Canines Unite!

    Canines of all sorts! We must unite to take on the feline menace! We can start by playing with our balls! Then we can take a nap or chase a squirrel. Or lick the nearest feline's face. All over. JOIN TODAY AND FIGHT THE FELINE MENACE! (Feline traitors are free to join too!)
  14. stressedk9

    Urgent vet funds needed: Selling YCHs (10-25€)!

    Hi! I'm StressedK9 from Furaffinity, currently selling 3 YCHs ranging from 10 to 25 euros. You can look at them here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/stressedk9/ So, I mentioned urgent vet funds needed in the title. Here's a bit of the backstory: I'm the proud owner of 2 dogs, they are my...
  15. provodawg

    Looking for Tasteful Pinup of Hybrid Character

    First time using the forums for commissions, so here I go. It's almost Halloween, and my Maggie Beagle character can't decide what to dress up as. Luckily, she doesn't have to since all she needs to do is to transform into a new anthro animal! Request: Maggie is a volunteer test subject at a...
  16. V

    Need a Profile Pic

    I need a Profile Picture made b/c i'm new here. Maybe a Canine that is black and red themed. Thx
  17. grunesdragon

    Has anyone tried re-furring a Spirit Halloween moving jaw mask?

    I'm interested in the Spirit Halloween moving jaw wolf/fox masks, as their form and vision are pretty good compared to the heads I've tried to make, but obviously, their biggest falling is the fur (and ears). Has anyone tried ripping off the fur and redoing it? I have one from last year that I...
  18. KolaWolf

    YCH Canine Cheap Flat Sale [OPEN]

    #2 here is open for $10: www.furaffinity.net: YCH Canine Flat Sale [OPEN] by KolaWolf This one is open for $8: www.furaffinity.net: Cheap Canine YCH [OPEN] by KolaWolf Example of final result: kolawolf.deviantart.com: Big Grin
  19. Samantha Meade

    Stolen Sona

    I have a friend in another site who was getting pressured to buy a sona we think may be stolen. I want to notify the owner. The image is very pour quality and it looks cropped. Please spread the word so we can find the owner. I think there's a signature but it's too pixilated to read
  20. unbeatablebush

    NSFW Adoptable Canine Auction!

    Auction thread is here (Adoptable is NSFW): www.furaffinity.net: Adoptable Auction! [open] by unbeatablebush SB $5, MI $1, AB $15 Paypal is unbeatable.bush@gmail.com