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  1. Sladin5Ever

    Canine Only YCH (starts @ $15)

    I have 3 slots open for a canine YCH. You can find all the information you need here: www.furaffinity.net: Canine YCH by Hitaka5Ever
  2. unbeatablebush

    My furst furry art!

    This is my first piece of furry art, and my first OC! They are non binary and their name is Zenyth!
  3. Emstylauzer

    Color Scheme help!!

    So I need help deciding on the color scheme for my newest border collie fursona! (Also a name after I choose the final colors) I'd love opinions! Also people seem to really like the first one but I'm not too sure about it cause I feel it's not enough?? If that makes sense?? What are your thoughts?
  4. Uluri

    Uluri Here. Hello. I do the ARt.

    My last introduction thing is no more since the new forums happened. So, I have decided to reintroduce myself. Hello, my name is Uluri and I am a digital artist. I like to draw cute things quite often. I use a Cintiq 13HD to draw with, and I absolutely love the thing. The art programs I...
  5. Cranberry

    Warning! NSFW auction! Female canine;

    Starting bid: 15$ Minimum increase: 2$ Autobuy: none You can find the picture and auction here: (Click: careful, NSFW!!) Please bid only in the auction above.
  6. lycheefreeze

    Zombie Doggo Adoptable

    www.furaffinity.net: $20 Flatsale Undead Doggo by lycheefreeze
  7. OmenTheTalentless

    Telegram Stickers $1 Each! (5 Expressions Min.)

    Have your character or fursona drawn expressing various emotions for as little as one dollar! You must order at least 5 expressions to follow the rules c: Here are the expressions you can choose from! ibb.co: expressions Art examples: ibb.co: IMG 20170307 160058 (Creepy Human) ibb.co: rogue...
  8. Poochomo

    Launching Commissions! [$12–70]

    My partner and I are starting up commissions on our joint account! Check out our commission info if you're interested! We can do SFW, NSFW, any species, armor/mecha stuff, other stuff... we're pretty versatile lol. Here's an example of a full-body color commission: L8ter g8ters -Moeka
  9. Arcayne

    Myth-based canine character design for auction

    I've been working on some character designs lately and decided to pair my obsession with myths to create some unique characters. This character based on the myth of Lemuria is for auction on FA [here]. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Lemuria existed—a great continent in the Indian Ocean...
  10. Etaé

    Canine Anthro YCH (25$+)

    Ay, new face here trying out a little something~ I'm offering Your Character Here Commissions for canid anthros (e.g. foxes, wolves, coyotes) General Rules: 25$ Flatsale for all poses Any gender no wings (if you really want those I'll have to charge another 6$ for that) Payment via paypal...
  11. Zel_____

    Colorful Canine adoptables

    I have twelve Colorful Canine adoptables available! You can of course change the name(s) once you have adopted it(them). Ladder Options: Adoptable as-is: $15 If you love how it looks right now and you want it! You get: - hi-res, water-mark free image - full ownership of the character...
  12. Dachiia

    Space themed canine adoptables! ^^

    www.furaffinity.net: Space themed adoptables! [4/4 OPEN] by Dachiia I made these designs, and i really like them all honestly, but i have no need for them myself. i was hoping someone would be interested in one of them :) Thank for taking a look!! :D
  13. Dinocanid

    $10 Pride Month YCH Sale

    Info: All slots will close on July 1st Both the ribbon and the background will be the flag color, but they don't have to be the same. To buy, just shoot me a PM here or on FA The YCH is also available on Weasyl and Deviantart if you prefer there Please allow at least 2 days for me to complete...
  14. Wolf-Nightshade

    Need Practice drawing

    I am Opening this up again only doing 2 slots this time for time constraints. I need practice drawing Canine and feline facial structures. If I chose to draw your character I will draw a head shot. You can post the art on your page. Just credit me. I will chose in batches of 3. Expect a 2-3...
  15. ToddWolf

    YCH Artist (Native American Theme)

    FOR CANINES ONLY (any canine character is welcome, I can redraw sketch according to your character) Only males Rules • Payment must be made within 24 hours after the auction's end. • Payment via Paypal. • Bids and payment in $USD • Minimal bid increase is 10$ • Post your bid as a reply to the...
  16. S

    Feral/Anthro Busts and Full bodies - Starting $10

    Hello ! I am still relatively new on FA and focus mainly on feral and anthro art ! Terms Do not claim art as your own or repost to other websites without my permission first. Do not crop or edit out my signature. Do not edit the art. I have the right to deny any commission. Every commission...
  17. whim-sy

    Wolves For Sale

    Click them to be taken to their page. They range from $8-$20.
  18. binjiarts

    Binjiarts's Commissions!

    My Furaffinity My Deviantart My Facebook Page My prices Check out my adopts thread!
  19. SassyNix

    Cute lil Doodle Commssions Open!~ (and a ych still available)

    Wanna do some doodles soooo here goes nothing! nixotine.deviantart.com: Cute $5 Doodle page commissions? simple characters prefered <3 oh and i also have this ych up for grabs still ovo (tho its not considered cheap xD) nixotine.deviantart.com: .: Awestruck YCH Flatsale :. Thank you for taking...
  20. G

    Help with a Reference sheet or just some drawings

    Looking for someone to help me with drawing Aura. My art skills are not very good (although I'm working to improve them) and would like some sketches of him based of a description.